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SWTOR Music Suite

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04.03.2013 , 02:49 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by SilentWave View Post
There are 1,140 music files, which means about 10 GB of .wav files, most of which you would not be interested in hearing, anyway, since they are mostly ambient background music pieces.

I put together one arrangement of the "lighthearted" selections I mentioned, and here are the two audio file formats again from that one category, as I understood it:

SWTOR Lighthearted Suite:
MP3 (7.2 MB):
WAV (68.2 MB):

I might rearrange these with the other 93 emotional-romantic selections, but that would be much longer. This particular suite only took about 4-5 hours between the auditioning/selection process to posting this message. I chose the easiest of the three emotional suites to do first

Of all the suites I would arrange, this is by far the easiest to listen to.

I'm thinking of attempting a symphonic arrangement rather than a suite, and I've got a few tracks already that would start the symphony.

With this lighthearted suite, you may think some of the transitions are out of tempo or mis-queued, but if you listen closely, you'll hear that they are right where they should be. However, it does end unresolved. That is why I am considering combining it with the other emotional suites.

For the BioWare sound engineers, here are the selections in this SWTOR Lighthearted Suite:
Ahh that's awesome ^___^
Can i make a video about Tython with your remix?

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04.03.2013 , 06:20 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by SilentWave View Post
Maybe that melody is more "romantic" than "emotional" or "lighthearted", so it would be in the Romantic Suite instead of those other two. Are you certain the music is included with SWTOR?

Also, the piece at 3:08 continues through 3:30, I didn't edit that section. And if you're wondering where John Williams quoted that melody from, it's Samuel Barber's "Adagio for Strings".

I'm talking about this theme, and it's the first quiet track in the main menu suite. I was really surprised that it wasn't in the romantic suite.

But sorry for being so silly about this :P Just my 2 cents on how to improve on a fantastic piece of work.

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04.03.2013 , 07:31 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by SilentWave View Post
Anakin finally *snaps* at 21:50.

Warning: This suite is not for the feint of heart! You have been warned. I will not be held responsible if you do not ever want to have anything to do with Star Wars (or SWTOR for that matter) ever again! I'm serious.

SWTOR Emotional Suite:

MP3 (34.2 MB):
WAV (316.7 MB):

I don't think I have the guts to put together the Romantic Suite after doing this one. $&*#. /self fall on

I'm not actually wanting to post the list of soundtracks here, because I don't want BioWare putting anything like this into the game. Maybe you should not be too eager to listen to this one.

By the way, during his grieving, he thinks he sees her, only to find that he is imagining things... and that he is losing his sanity. far as suites go, this one was, again, very well put together. I wasn't as big of a fan about this one as I was for the lighthearted one or the original one you put together. But everyone has their own preferences i guess lol..and i didn't hear any of the romantic music in this one either xD

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04.04.2013 , 10:14 AM | #34
DurbanPoison -- Feel free to use these suites in whatever SWTOR machinimas or videos you like. I would typically suggest that if the videos are shorter, you clip the audio file to start somewhere in the middle instead of ending in the middle of it, so that the endings remain intact while you start from a different starting point in the audio than the beginning. I think it's better to start in the middle and end in the middle, or start in the middle and end at the end, rather than start at the start and end in the middle. Again, I'm able to do the music for machinimas if you give me the information I mentioned earlier in this topic about what I would need to do that. Thanks in advance for giving me credit for the arrangement of the SWTOR music, and it's your option if you would like to link to this topic so other people can find these suites for their SWTOR videos too.

Melanchior -- I am very familiar with that selection from the SWTOR music. Would you like me to include a link to that specific individual segment? It is not included in any suite yet, and I did not have it planned to be queued for any particular suite. I had actually listened closely and even audio recorded directly from the game's starting screen so I could figure out the next few tracks that the game's starting menu playlist used and could replicate that for my own redo of the game's starting menu playlist, but I stopped after the next three tracks, so I only identified the first five tracks from SWTOR's starting menu. The particular one you like has this ID, in case you were curious, and here is a link to it (I already had it sitting in a folder, ready to arrange into a starting menu playlist redo, but I lost interest in doing that arrangement redo):

That won't mean anything to you, but here are two formats of that sound you can use:

MP3 (1.4 MB):
WAV (12.7 MB):

As a general course, I am not entitled to provide individual game files, but since you seem so keen on this one and it would not have been involved in any suites, there you have it. I did not include it because it does not appeal to my tastes and it does not fit within any concepts aside from the starting music redo.

Xaldynn -- If you are willing to imagine a storyline to the Emotional Suite, then you will understand my warning. I provided an overall storyline for it as a legend of Anakin and Padme which tells how their ordeal might have been passed down through oral history. You can imagine more details to this and certainly find it much more engaging than the SWTOR Music Suite and the Lighthearted Suite.

I plan to do the Romantic Suite presently and may have it available tonight. I could still do a better job with the sound editing step. Whether or not I do remains to be seen.

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04.04.2013 , 08:14 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by SilentWave View Post

Xaldynn -- If you are willing to imagine a storyline to the Emotional Suite, then you will understand my warning. I provided an overall storyline for it as a legend of Anakin and Padme which tells how their ordeal might have been passed down through oral history. You can imagine more details to this and certainly find it much more engaging than the SWTOR Music Suite and the Lighthearted Suite.

I plan to do the Romantic Suite presently and may have it available tonight. I could still do a better job with the sound editing step. Whether or not I do remains to be seen.

I completely agree with your argument, and the beauty of music is that it inspires. if you were to play something like this, and asked a group of people to write down what they envisioned, i GUARANTEE YOU everyone's vision would be different.

I enjoyed this suite as well, just not AS MUCH AS the first two suites.

It's excellent news to me you're working on the romantic suite. as always, I can't wait, and I'm sure I'll be thrilled
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04.04.2013 , 08:47 PM | #36
Wonderful stuff, keep it coming!

To the poster who was having issues getting the CD from the Collector's Edition, I bought my copy off of eBay, for about $20. You might want to look into that.

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04.04.2013 , 10:15 PM | #37
Just... Amazing! Listened to the score in your opening post, the tracks, they transition perfectly!

Great work!
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04.07.2013 , 01:15 PM | #38
Xaldynn, about inspiration related to the music of Star Wars, it is well-known in the music world that John Williams music is greatly inspired... inspired by Brahms, Hindemith, Bach... you get the picture: any score he can get his hands on. I consider John Williams to be a cut-and-paste compositional arranger for this reason.

One such example, are you familiar with the cantina band music from Star Wars episode 4, from when Han Solo walks into the cantina and we hear that music for the first time? That exact melody, but played slower and more emotionally, is the third clarinet solo to a Brahms piano concert. One of my clarinet-playing friends was singing that solo part to me, reciting it from his part in a Brahms piano concerto he was playing it in, and right when I heard it, I honestly said right there to his face, laughing, "John Williams, you son of *$*#*, you did it again!" And when I told him it was the cantina band music to Star Wars, he just looked at me puzzled for a moment; I was even more astonished he gave me that confused look... maybe he was just speechless?

Anyway, I've told you how I feel about John Williams and all "his" music, and I tell ya, if you could recognize the source of every song and melody and line he uses, you would have quite the vengeance and would no longer be able to appreciate anything by his pen. I'm just saying to be honest about this. And don't even bother thinking I'm being libelous, because this is well-known among musicians already, so it's not like I'm lying or being dishonest, just letting you know a blurb about how I feel when I deal with his compositions.

His writing style here also has this cut-and-paste feel, which builds it like an emotional roller-coaster. It's nothing like the original works by Strauss or Brahms, which have a more composed-out process design to them. So here, I'm using these cut-and-paste selections and re-compositing them so they have a sort of process design to them, of sorts. What I'm doing is like what you see criminals do in movies, taking letters they cut out of magazines and pasting them onto a piece of paper into words and sentences. So John Williams cut out the letters and I'm reassembling them into words, but the sentences have botched grammar. It is akin to that, where the suites don't have the smooth composed-out dynamic that the original works by Strauss or Brahms had.

By the way, I mention Strauss because the Krypton theme is strongly inspired by the main theme from Thus Spake Zarathustra, as is evident in this little side-by-side I threw together a few years ago that I dubbed "Thus Sprach Superman":

I didn't throw together a side-by-side of the third clarinet solo of the Brahms piano concerto and the cantina band music, but I suppose I could...


...if Brahms had actually written a third clarinet part for his two piano concerti. I'm guessing my friend was talking about the Brahms piano concerto #1, second movement: Adagio. There are lots of similar lines there, but upon examination of both clarinet parts, I could not find the segment he sang to me. Ah, well, I'll have to ask him about that some time.

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04.11.2013 , 05:50 AM | #39
SWTOR Romantic Suite:
MP3 (48.5 MB):
WAV (457.7):

43 Tracks:
I noticed that these two tracks seemed to fit together; the first is from this romantic suite and the second is from the lighthearted suite:

MP3 (1.5 MB):
WAV (14.7 MB):

And I realized while editing these two together that the triplet feel to the second selection is actually in 4/4 time. And it just so happens that they align nicely when precisely sequential, which tells me that the sound editors probably split these two apart at that one point in the sound file and just added a fade-out to the first and a fade-in to the second. In the lighthearted suite, I interpreted the second selection as being in 6/8 or 12/8 time with the triplet feel, not realizing at that point that it was in 4/4 time with a triplet feel. I called the above track "Three Feel in Four Combo".

I'm organizing this suite more than the others. To keep from extreme boredom or monotony or dullness or, case-in-point, repetition, the sequence is organized in this way:

interludinal (coined adjective from "interlude")
melodic (aside from "discoursing")
special (random melodic)

So you have each selection organized by starting and ending pitch and key and process design gesture based upon such terms, and this should keep it listenable over what will likely span almost 40 minutes in duration.

And it's done! This one took me about 6 1/2 hours straight, from about 7 AM this morning until 1:20 PM presently. It's uploading, so I'll reply here to bump the topic when it's done uploading.

There are some messy transitions around 8:27 which I did not add, but which came already edited inside the music selection as a single sound file. There is another gross one at 12:22 that I seriously would never have done. (Whoever did those original edits probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning.)

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04.11.2013 , 11:44 AM | #40
OK! The SWTOR Romantic Suite is completed -- see the previous post for links.

That concludes the main compositation of suites (hey, after all that work, I should be allowed to coin some words too!), and the secondary suites would be the aforementioned Republic, Imperial, Old Republic and Sith suites which I have yet to ... compositate.