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Bastion/Harbinger MD

wikd's Avatar

03.30.2013 , 07:07 AM | #1
After much discussion as a guild, <Core> has decided to roll on Bastion.

This decision has come after liasing with other guilds in regards to Rated warzones and assessing the potential pros/cons for each server.
I completely understand other guilds decisions to transfer to the PVE server as the increased population of pvers in our primetime would definitely be a plus for anyone wishing to do pve content.

I apologise for misleading in my previous posts and potentially splitting APAC PVPers but it actually does look like Bastion has a stronger pvp scene as far as rateds go.

If PVP is what people want to do, head to Bastion. Currently there are the Elite, Synergy and once transfers hit Core also. That is 3 competitive teams from our timezone, let alone the other halfdozen RWZ teams queuing in US primetime.

Will be sending imp toons to Harbinger in the case of anything happening but for the meantime Bastion it is!
Jeck, 'Dar'Nala was Harder'

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03.30.2013 , 08:01 AM | #2
Might be the right decision for your guild. New competition is probably what your guild wanted the most. I heard there are already 4 top guilds(MVP, Synergy, Don't panic,etc) up to par with each other for u guys to compete with.

Good Luck !