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I finally did it!

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03.29.2013 , 05:31 PM | #11
GOod bye bubble stun!!!

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03.30.2013 , 12:04 PM | #12
Nice! I would have this as well if server transfers were here...sigh...double xp is helping me redo the ones I have on my old server quickly though.
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I am happy that there will be a renewed focus on story, I love story, its why I picked this MMO. But I picked an MMO, not an episodic single player RPG that I have to pay a subscription to receive the episodes.

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03.30.2013 , 09:46 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by EmblemElite View Post
GM of Infidels is a good friend of mine. I was showing him that he is still missed and should get off WoW and come back to SWTOR.
I hope he comes back too. I miss the infidels....
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