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Final Impression of 2.0 Bolster at 55

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Final Impression of 2.0 Bolster at 55

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03.26.2013 , 08:00 AM | #1
Since the PTS forum is gonna be dead in a few hours, figured I'd post it here for people to discuss til the expansion hits.

Interpret this however you like:

Typical class imbalances aside, premades vs pugs, etc., PVP progression is being completed destroyed in 2.0 in the following ways:

-Bolster AT 55, which was previously limited to only lowbie pvp only. This change is by far the most drastic and most harmful to PVP progression. You now no longer need actual PVP gear to be competitive. On the PTS at lvl 55, I personally tested naked pvp (close to max expertise, but this was *hopefully* a bug), legacy inheritance gear without implants/relics (~1800 expertise and I soloed people on my operative....nerf operatives....), current EWH gear (~1700 expertise), and Dread Guard pve only (~1800 expertise). Any of these combos made 0 difference, I got boosted about equal, in some cases more expertise from pve gear than actual pvp gear. Both tiers of the new pvp gear give you around ~2000 expertise. Thus, you can either use full pve gear and get ~1800 expertise and do just as well, or you can spend time grinding for the new tiers of pvp gear, but since you're getting bolstered anyway, why bother getting pvp gear? Similar to running with 1214 expertise now or 1396 expertise, except now basic questing greens will get you to the new 1214 equivalent and the actual pvp gear will give you 1396 equivalent. Sure people can choose to get pvp gear, but it is absolutely NOT necessary in 2.0.

-Removal of exotic mats from REing extra gear. Remove PVP progression? Okay, fine, but we still have SOME kind of reward for pvping and getting smashed/sniped to death in 2.0, right? Well, right now on live you can RE extra stuff you don't need and sell the mats for 100-400k. The alternative is to vendor it for 1 credit (rofl!). Unfortunately, in 2.0, crafting mats have been completely removed from REing ANY gear in the game (PVE Gear as well as PVP Gear). Without the exotic crafting mats, you're either going to vendor extra gear for 2000 ranked comms for 1 credit each or you'll keep your comms permanently topped off. If your comms are topped off and you're min-maxed, what point is there for completing a daily, let alone weekly? Especially if you're getting facerolled by 2 4man premades of only snipers and smashers? There's really no point to keep PVPing.

These changes combined look to serverely disincentivize PVP. Realistically, most regular PVPers will get the new lower tier PVP gear in about a week and the new top tier PVP gear in a month or two. And that's only if they're OCD and feel that the extra 200 expertise will boost their damage by a huge margin, just like the people who run with 1396 expertise, which is fine, to each their. After that, however, once comms are completely maxed out, you can leave the comms maxed out (no point in daily/weekly), gear up companions in pvp gear (I guess? never done it myself personally), or the most depressing scenario for ranked comms:

4500 ranked wz comms = 450 warzone medpacs.

In short, you no longer need pvp gear and there are no longer any real achievements/rewards (no Gear progression OR REing gear for mats/profit) for pvping.

Thus, PVP itself as an in-game activity is getting hit hardest with the nerfhammer in 2.0, effectively changing the game to Star Wars: The Game About Nothing.

With that said, this whole situation with respect to Bolster in 2.0 brought to mind the above video clip. Again, interpret it however you like.
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03.26.2013 , 08:03 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by _Zhatan_ View Post
My final impression is.

Tanks at PVP does't tank (as always) and now, can't even deal a decent ammount of damage.
Survivavility of tankasin is beyond 0 and die in 10 seconds train smashed/sweeped is not fun.

For me, as hybrid tankasin the 2.0 is the new end of PVP, like was 1.2 (empty PVP servers , remenber that Bioware?)
Yup, I play a Tankasin and the changes are pretty hilarious on their face. In theory if you can pull off perfect sustained healing, then your lack of armor compared to the other 2 tanks IS balanced out. But how many times have you ever been in a match where you were able to constantly set up harnessed darkness for self healing?

And now, having to stand in your own teleport circle to boost your self healing? Rofl! yeah, nobody will ever pull you/knock you back out of that.
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