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Final Showdown! Trooper vs IA Khut Xien Battle!

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Final Showdown! Trooper vs IA Khut Xien Battle!

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03.25.2013 , 01:58 PM | #1
You've all seen the posts. "The Emperor's Wrath vs The Hero of Tython" or "Darth Malgus vs Sataele Shan" or "Darth Baras vs The Atkins Diet". But we all know there is only one TRUE power in the Galaxy, and it is more powerful that even the Force.

I refer to, of course, Khut Xien (Cutscene).

Now, all the characters in the game have access to Khut Xien powers. Unreliable as they are, when they are unleashed, Boss-type enemies fall to a single blow, hordes of elites are felled with a flurry of strikes, and even a simple training vibroblade becomes capable of felling the mightiest battledroid with a single strike. However, two classes have mastered the ancient art of Khut Xien beyond all others: The Trooper and the Imperial Agent.

Where all the others can infuse their weapons with the power of Khut Xien, only the Trooper and the Imperial Agent have refined their skills to the point where they manifest a weapon of pure Khut Xien power, the modest-seeming black blaster which appears at their hip. While this weapon might seem laughable when they have a stout rifle or even a massive autocannon on their backs, its might is not to be trifled with. Every shot is deadly with this weapon, every shot is true. There is no defense, no escape. This is the Chuck Norris of weapons, and indiscriminate use of it could destroy PLANETS.

But which is the true master of Khut Xien?