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DPS for sentinel

palmerdaniel's Avatar

03.14.2013 , 10:28 PM | #1
I have a sentinel that I have geared and I have mostly BH with the exception of a few mods and a few DG mods (such as hilt and an armoring or two). My DPS is about 1700 and i'm just wondering where i stand on the range of DPS. 625.1 Bonus damage 99.65% accuracy 31.83% crit chance 75.82 crit multiplier Mainhand Damage 961-1130 Offhand Damage 202-303. I am overwatch spec. I understand that my accuracy is a little low and crit chance and multiplier is a little high but im working on it. My guild is having trouble beating HM EC so i want to do all i can to help them out.

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03.17.2013 , 10:32 PM | #2
your stats are about right - i run 99.8% accuracy & 30% raid buffed crit.

If your dps is low (you dont say waht you are doing 1700 on) it will be your rotation not your gear - or yuour ability to maintain a smooth rotation over the whole fight.

Heres my rotation:

Leap > Overload Saber > Zealous Strike > Cauterize > Merciless Slash > Master Strike

*Cauterize Lasts 6 seconds and will have worn off by the time master strike finishes so if merciless strike reset the cooldown you can reapply it after master strike. Cauterize does not stack so you don't want to apply it before it has worn off yet you want to put it on asap. I'd suggest going to the user interface settings and putting the countdown on you abilities, since cauterize has a 15 sec cooldown you can reapply it at 9 secs left. Or you check the debuff bar on you target to see when it wears off.

Next follow the priority system
Merciless Slash (If merciless is about to wear off. Check your buffs)
Overload Saber (instants have top priority)
Zen (For Optimal damage you can try hit it when you have 2 stacks of Overload saber, may be a bit difficult to time though and you don't really wanna be waiting to hit zen)
Dispatch (High damage per focus when have set bonus)
Cauterize (Before merciless slash so merciless slash can proc cauterize)
Merciless Slash
Master Strike
Zealous Strike
Force Leap (used as a focus builder)

Focus Management
I'm actually watching my abilities to see when they come off cooldown and managing my focus accordingly. If I'm about to hit merciless slash I generally want 6+ focus, so I can hit cauterize right after. If Zealous strike is about to come off cooldown I want 5 or less focus, as it will bring me up to 11 or less focus and if a burn procs a focus I still get it. Most of the time you'll want to be around 5-7 focus so dump excess focus with slash and gain it with strike.

The thing is being able to exicute it smoothly through the whole fight.
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