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Alderaan - The Civil War- unbelievably uneven team battle

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Alderaan - The Civil War- unbelievably uneven team battle

Casanndraa's Avatar

03.03.2013 , 03:58 PM | #1
Just completed an Alderaan - The Civil War battle with the most uneven unbalanced unfair battle.... great giving stats for players who have been playing for years and their armor mods and crits are max but inhillation of a whole other team makes players not even want to bother!

this game.... final stats -
Our whole team, 3 people got 1 kill !!! Totally serious - 3 kils for our whole team.
Opponents - each and every team member rom 38 to 32 kills each!!!

My whole team, no one over 3 medals
Opponents - each and every team member earned between 15 and 18 medals each!!!

Now, I ask everyone is this fair!!!
I tried to take a screeen shot but it wouldn't take!
I am so dissappointed in the fact that the teams were so lopsided!!!

dorpen's Avatar

03.03.2013 , 04:15 PM | #2
Yep that sounds like pvp to me. Either stomp the enemy team or get stomped, there is never a in between challenging battle. Thankfully you get fairly rewarded either way, just have to find a way to enjoy that 15 minutes of being pounded and move on or not bother with pvp all together.

Casanndraa's Avatar

03.03.2013 , 04:30 PM | #3
Actually I thought that PVP was a pounding but with rewards too!!! Can';t get accommodations if battles are so uneven that scores of kills and medals is 30 to 1.... that's not fair and not right! Isn't it more satisfying if it's a more even battle and someone wins! Seems to me that PVP battles were with leveled players? I thought that the latest update addressed those issues? Also.... can't help but think of cheats being involved. I've done many many pvp but this was just wayyyy to uneven. Something was wrong.

Beemerchick's Avatar

03.03.2013 , 05:25 PM | #4
If I had to guess, you had some bad luck. That or you got into a match where the other team was queued up in groups and were working together. It happens. Next time you end up in a battle like that, you may be on the winning side.

SleepyKing's Avatar

03.03.2013 , 07:59 PM | #5
Yep that happens sometimes. Especially when you have twinked-out premade groups of PvP specialists vs a PuG in recruit gear. The opposition was probably all in augmented elite war hero gear and made up of stun bubble sorcs and/or smash bombers (with a couple of healers thrown in for good measure), with voice chat active for team co-ordination. They'll queue in regular warzones because ranked does not pop as quickly, and PuGs don't stand a chance.