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HK-51 quest/mission lost.

AlexanderF's Avatar

02.26.2013 , 12:10 PM | #1
I inadvertently deleted the HK-51 mission today (I started it 4 or 5 days ago) lost all but 2 of the items needed to complete it. (Weapon Component and the Loyalty Chip) So I returned to the G0-A1 droid to reacquire the quest/mission and was unable to interact with it. I figured I could go and speak with the General Avrun character to try to reacquire the quest/mission but I could not enter the wreck of the Imperial Ship(Red Forcefield) Am I able to restart the quest? : ( Am I able to purtice the HK-51 through the Cartel Market?

draydd's Avatar

03.05.2013 , 11:56 AM | #2
You probably did not delete the quest. This is a bug. I have the same problem. I have put in a CS ticket with no response. I have no solutions for you. Just wanted to let you know this probably was not something you did. Put in a CS ticket and hopefully you will have more luck than I have had.