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Grouping: ur doin' it wrong

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02.20.2013 , 05:46 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicKat View Post
Every MMO before WoW was group-oriented. That was when the industry was thriving and exploding in popularity. Now it's contracting and dying, with most new releases fairing anywhere from fair to terrible.

The facts speak for themself. The industry can't sell subscriptions anymore for the games they are making. If the product is so good, and this is what people want, why can't they attract anywhere close to the numbers EQ had 15 years ago, even when giving it away for free?
actually, funny thing is - industry was languishing in near obscurity and barely showing any growth untill WoW came along and allowed more kinds of people to actually play MMO's. and then MMO market started to truly expand and explode
new games that are released might not have WoW numbers, but it doesn't mean they failed. but the drawback of what WoW did was to create expectations that are a bit unrealistic.
just because more and more games are adopting different payment models doesn't mean MMO market is failing. its merely changing. face it - people don't like being bared from content, just because they logged in at a wrong time. the more content you bar them from, the less likely they are to stay around.

Quote: Originally Posted by SentinelDranoel View Post
It is not the companions and the story; I think no one wants to play at another person's pace anymore.
For anyone who has leveled up toons from 1-50 with another person, they know it is not repair costs and XP.
this I definitely agree with. for me at least, consistently playing at someone else's pace is exhausting. but it IS fun in smaller doses which is why I tend to level characters with other people here and there, and very much enjoy grouping for heroics.

another interesting thing. personally, when I just started playing SWTOR - I grouped more in a first month, then I did in a year of WoW. i didn't have to. I chose to. because it was fun. because I was encouraged.

as a contrast, when I tried guild wars 2 - I have grouped exactly once, with a friend of mine who showed me around Lyon's Arch and helped me get some of the vistas. I didn't group once while leveling. never had to, never was encouraged to. granted I didn't make it to high enough level to try their dungeon crawl, but leveling in guild wars was the loneliest experience I've ever had in an MMO.

anyways, back to original topic. they really should equalize group rewards somehow.

and to diversion into knockback skills /growl. it makes it soooo much fun to tank to. I have just gathered and position the mobs just right and there they come knocking them out of my range and of course its MY fault that I'm losing threat, and never mind that thanks to your so very "helpful" knockback, half the mobs are not even in range of my damn group taunt.

/deep breath.