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New faction, new classes suggestion

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New faction, new classes suggestion

VesstaraKai's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 11:48 AM | #1
I think the game needs to be expanded to include a new faction: The Galactic Criminals (or some such). The different class stories could follow working for different organizations, i.e. Czerka, Exchange, Black Sun and the Hutt Cartel. The new class builds could exactly mirror what already exists, but create awesome new stories to keep people interested once they are bored with the elder game dailies.

Let's be honest with ourselves, how long are we really going to stay interested in doing half a dozen "new" daily missions for lvl 50?

Another cool feature this could bring in would be the ability to make story changing choices beyond simple light vs dark. I want to choose in my story whether Im going to support the republic or the Empire, but I dont want to decide this before my story even begins. You could be able to do all the pub AND imp side missions on all the planets, each one building on the new reputation system to decide which faction you aare "with".

For pvp'ers, every time you queue you could decide which faction you are fighting for with reward bonuses from pvp'ing with the faction you have the most rep with. Perhaps this should be the "freelance" faction?

I also want to be able to purchase and choose my own ship.

This new faction could use all the existing mechanics of the game, all the existing planets etc. It could even have a restriction to where only people with sub status and a lvl 50 char can create a char in this faction, the way STO restricts entry to the Klingon faction.

Every Star Wars fan wants to choose their own destiny. This is an awesome game, but choosing your own destiny is a big piece that is missing.

What do ya'll think of my idea for a new faction? What are your ideas for class names or stories? How could this work with the legacy and reputation systems? If they added a starting planet from the canon planets, which one should it be and why?

please stay on topic and avoid whining about other problems with the game, for which you will find countless threads in which to do so.

Lets stay positive and be creative, hoping the devs read this thread and are inspired. Thanks for reading!

Burgdawg's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 12:57 PM | #2
1. Because this has been totally done successfully in the past. (Not counting the jumble**** that is EVE online).
2. Because devs don't have enough stuff to do keeping the game semi-interesting while still dealing with bugs leftover from beta. They don't even have enough manpower to expand individually on class story lines this xpac, instead substituting faction story lines.
My overall point is that while minor improvements should be suggested and implemented, praying for a miracle from a god who doesn't exist is asinine.
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VesstaraKai's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 04:34 PM | #3
Do you have any idea how tiresome it is to read negative thread after negative thread of people complaining about how absolutely *terrible* this game is because it doesnt have X minor detail (e.g. hide hood or macros)?

If I were a Dev, I would stop reading suggestions.

So maybe it would be cool to create a thread with really good ideas about cool things that could be done with the future of the game. Am I saying I want to see this change next week? No. Two years? Three years? Not impossible.

Lets stop focusing on the negative and talk about where the game could go with a new faction in the long term and have a positive discussion full of ideas that Devs could read without shooting themselves in the brain and splattering the mess all over their keyboards.

Does anyone think its a cool idea or have more positive input?

Xargyn's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 06:12 PM | #4
The Devs briefly considered a 3rd faction when they were developing the game, but decided against it due to the cost issues.
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