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The Force Ghost on Ilum

Pscyon's Avatar

02.18.2013 , 12:39 AM | #1
I'm looking for a bit of help taking out the Force Ghost thing on Ilum in order to craft some magenta colour crystals. Spesifically I can make the Advanced Magenta Lethal Crystal and am willing to make one for everyone that helps, free of charge (I'll need the materials though of course), if they have the Pure Shockfrozen Water that lets them receive the Magenta Adegan Crystal. I may also be willing to pay for said Adegan crystal if the price is okay.

I've tried killing him a few times unsuccessfully with a couple friends but we've always been lacking either a proper healer or a proper tank... got him to ~39% or so health once. Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm up for doing this more than once if people are interested in additional crystals.

I'm available quite a lot though I imagine the best time to do this will be the afternoon/evening for most people.
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