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The Kuati Conclave

Cleet_Xia's Avatar

02.17.2013 , 06:29 AM | #1
The <Kuati Conclave> is assembling on Carrick Station now.

What you need bring with you.
~ at least one Republic character of at least level 40
~ a desire to have fun
~ a desire to play well with others
~ a desire to play to the best of your ability and a desire to push your limitations to play even better
~ a friendly and mature attitude
~ a respect for the 3-7 players that you are sharing a group with

What we will expect from you
~ patience with any noobish player we might recruit
~ honesty
~ fairness toward your fellow player
~ manners ~ we will not tolerate unprovoked abusive behavior toward anyone by any guild member, at any time
~ for you to expect the same from us.

What we don't require.
~ You won't need ventrilo or teamspeak
~ You won't need to be geared - it's fun to fix that
~ You won't need to be a 7334 gamer - in fact we prefer it if you're not
~ You won't need rocket boots
~ You won't need to own a gaming mouse
~ You won't need to be "on call" to play
~ You won't need to have "expert knowledge" or "mastery" of any content
~ You won't need to "space bar" through all the cut scenes
~ You won't need to skip bosses

Feel free to PM me your ingame name through the forums, or by ingame email or /whisper to: Telagtun
~Master Telagtun Telag of Lord Calypho~