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60k repair bill!

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02.19.2013 , 08:00 AM | #121
me and my guild tried to kill the last boss in TFB and iam a Jugg tank, i had 246k after raid had 149k so yeah it sucks specially when you wipe on one boss and there is nothing to get back your money like trash mobs or other bosses.

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02.19.2013 , 08:40 AM | #122
I can not believe this thread still active.

Higher repair costs don't help anyone that actually plays the game. It doesn't matter if your cost went up by a single credit. Each credit you loose is a credit you could have used on buying something else. Why on earth would anyone take the opposite stance.

Threads like this remind me of the amount of trolling, narrow minded thinking and suspiciously biased (allegedaly non-bioware sponsored) individuals that lurk these forums.

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02.19.2013 , 09:08 AM | #123
Quote: Originally Posted by Osryri View Post
I use Legacy gear. Two pieces are rated 140(mods from Rakata gear) 3 are rated at 136 and the rest are 126. Weapon is 136 and generator is 126. again the repair cost came from only a few wipes. Gear wasnt even red.
A few wipes ? I ran Xeno HM last night, i'm in full 61/63 gear, each wipe cost me 9,200 credits and i'm using the shells that make it expensive, so 60k in your gear would still be about 8-12 wipes in a FP, this whole post is starting to look like someone trolling for attention.

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02.19.2013 , 09:19 AM | #124
Quote: Originally Posted by Akomo View Post
Good.Weed out the non -hackers.Listen up, this game requires a certain degree of playtime to be good at.A casual player should be able to handle it.If they cant ,then MMOs arent for them.Wiped three times on gree raid HM and my bill was 29k.So frikkin what! I made that just getting to the raid location.

I could never understand why folks would WANT to wipe 10 times ,then come here to complain about the bill.Thats like using up electricity then saying that they dont want to be charged for it. Gimme a break!

Furthermore, do you repair as you go along? I do all the time.I see a medical droid, repair.I pull out my personal one , repair.Its no big deal.Or are you so cheap with digital currency to not spend it?Wow.
So you are suggesting a business strategy that potentially drives away paying customers from a game that has been struggling for the past year? Good call. i just hope the sunset event is spectacular.

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02.19.2013 , 09:20 AM | #125
Quote: Originally Posted by Viridiana View Post
A few wipes ? I ran Xeno HM last night, i'm in full 61/63 gear, each wipe cost me 9,200 credits and i'm using the shells that make it expensive, so 60k in your gear would still be about 8-12 wipes in a FP, this whole post is starting to look like someone trolling for attention.
If you feel the person you quoted is not telling the truth, go ahead and say so. I think you are the one lying but that is my opinion.

Posting against a thread that would increase the number of credits YOU keep when you repair... to me that is trolling for attention.

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02.19.2013 , 09:33 AM | #126
Quote: Originally Posted by Cleet_Xia View Post
I have read your thread, starting with the OP. It's either a troll thread or you believe that you've "paid enough credits" to be able to waltz through a HM.

I wouldn't say that I am a hardcore player. I wipe quite frequently. In fact I wipe on purpose just to travel to a med center if my QT is on CD. I pay repair bills everytime I see a vender. I've actually incurred repair bills just walking between two venders ~ without ever wiping or entering combat. And I've wiped a great many times while showing new players the ropes in HM FPs.

Where I don't wipe is in HM FPs while grouped with 3 players who have the free Tionese gear and actually know the boss fight mechanics.

If a "few" wipes are costing you 60K there are a limited number of possibilities.
1. You are in super expensive gear & wiping on content that you are grossly overgeared for.
~ or ~
2. You are wiping a LOT more than a "few" times, on content that you don't have the skill or knowledge for.
~ or ~
3. You are waiting to repair your gear until pieces fall off, which is the product of a lot more than a "few" wipes.
~ or ~
4. You and your group mates are ignoring the fight mechanics and expecting your gear to let you faceroll a boss.

If you like to wipe ~ by all means wipe away! some dailies until your bank/gear/ & skill are up to where you're not causing 3 other players to wipe in a FP and getting yourself blocked/ votekicked/ or gkicked.

Are you paying the repair bills for those other 3 players as well? For some reason I highly doubt it.

You don't do the dailies for the credits ~ you do them for the practice, warmup, & the comms. Credits are just a byproduct.

If you were not trying to short circuit the gear progression by jumping straight from the free Tionese to BH gear & skipping the dailies you might have noticed that some pieces of BH gear are a questionable upgrade. You would also be sitting on a fat wad of credits from the dailies. And you would have also learned by now that skill>gear in any of the Tier I HM FPs.

~EDIT~ You're complaining that your legacy gear cost too much to repair? Well NO kidding. You burned all your credits buying modable legacy gear! Where did you get the credits to blow on that?
You have not read the this thread.

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02.19.2013 , 09:42 AM | #127
Quote: Originally Posted by Viridiana View Post
A few wipes ? I ran Xeno HM last night, i'm in full 61/63 gear, each wipe cost me 9,200 credits and i'm using the shells that make it expensive, so 60k in your gear would still be about 8-12 wipes in a FP, this whole post is starting to look like someone trolling for attention.
How'd you wipe on Xeno? That boss is too easy.

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02.19.2013 , 09:54 AM | #128
Quote: Originally Posted by Cleet_Xia View Post
Oh I do understand the issue. And I'm trying to be nice about it. But ~ Some people are too lazy to have fun.

"The content is Soooo hard that I can't eat my icecream & play a game at the same time."
"I want everything that drops in the 16man Ops ~ without having to be friendly"
"I wanna be able to do everything right NAO, unsub, & go back to my FPS game until the next patch"

If you can't afford the repair bills you're not participating in anything besides what the GF has to offer. If that's all you came for - you may as well quit now. If that's all your going to contribute to the success of the other players in your groups ~ I'm not surprised you feel that everything is a grind.

Success in this game comes from playing as a group. The drops are improved, and your gear doesn't get damaged as quickly. Have ONE daily night a month where you and 3 other people "raid" the dailies as a team & you'll accumulate the credits to finance a whole lot of HM FPs & SM OPs. Putting together a group to do this with is not difficult, and you'll make some new friends everytime you do it.

There are numerous solutions to the "I haz no credits problem" ~ and none of them require much commitment of time or friendliness.
1) If you are subbed & have a security key - you can buy an armor set from the CC shop every other month & then GTN the pieces for 300K to 500K.
2) do 30 minutes worth of space mission dailies for about 45K
3) do 30 minutes worth of dailies for about 60K ~ after modable gear drops are vendered on the GTN
4) sell crafted stuff on the GTN for a fair price & make 45K every day with 10min of effort
5) do HM FPs without wiping & vender the drops.
6) do SM False Emperor in green gear drops & vender the drops from the FP.

1 & 4 ~ require almost no effort at all
2 ~ the solution for antisocial mysanthropes
3 & 6 ~ go blazing fast with a group of geared players
5 ~ should be everyone's primary goal when they queue in GF

Some of these things can be done simultaneously. Set companions to run short crew missions before doing a space daily? Run 5 crew missions everytime you see "return to mission terminal" pop up as the next mission objective?

If those credit sources are not fast enough for you - gear up for the heroic space missions & sell the mats from the grade 8 crafting box you'll get every week. 1 heroic space mission per day ~ 4 to 7min per day = 50K to 300K each week. (you must actually list the STABs for a price where they will sell)

The real issue here is how BW let this sort of whining result in the following bad things.
1) loss of the repair credit sink ~ inflated the price of everything on the GTN ~ making it useless to new players
2) HM bosses getting nerfed ~ contributed to complaints that the content wasn't challenging enough
3) Allowing "safe paths" through FPs ~ when the trash drops & extra boss drops will cover your repair costs
4) Putting BMAs in CC packs ~ they went from being a drop worth 25K to being worth less than 5K overnight
5) Free Tionese gear ~ when earning it was part of what made HM's fun & taught the skill for HM's & OPs
6) Augment Kits ~ Inflated the gear gap between established & newer players, reinforced the belief that gear> skill & cooperation.

If you still have a problem with the new repair cost ~
1) put your mods in some cheap shells from low level heroics & SM FPs that will take you no time to solo with a geared 50.
2) focus on getting at least one toon into a position to be a real credit farm.
3) subscribe so you have more options for earning credits
3) quit playing the game
The real issue here is people like you who don't care about what their money goes to. Good job defending a company that is ruining a potentially great game. I understand you really like this game and your probably set with millions of credits and don't care about the cost of repair. The option you posted about running content in Green gear to save money is ridiculous. That doesn't fix the issue. If you need to try to work around a problem rather then demand it be fixed your are no better then the morons who keep pissing off the players base and making everyone leave. " Reinforced the belief that gear> skill & cooperation." Really maybe if you had read the thread you would have read that the group was full of fresh level 50's. Even with my decent gear, as a DPS I cant tank for long or heal at all. The multiple wipes happened because we kept trying even after a wipe using different approaches to try and succeed. You seem like the type of player who would most likely cry and drop group on the first wipe. Your other solution of using cheaper gear is just as lame. I spent hours working to get my Legacy to level 20 to use that gear. I shouldn't be forced to pay more then someone else because my gear was harder to get. I love your number 5 solution by the way. "do HM FPs without wiping & vender the drops." Wow really you mean like do excatly what caused me to create this thread in the first place.

Last I looked subs were still falling. According to you though that must be the fault of vocal players like me who demand answers. Smart consumers don't fork over money and not expect something from it. A smart company would realize this and work to make their consumers happy. In the case of this awesome EA/BW game that isn't happening.

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02.19.2013 , 10:02 AM | #129
Quote: Originally Posted by Cleet_Xia View Post
You do realize that the only modable legacy gear came from....

1) events - where a ton of credits were earned ~ and the gear was bought with event comms from completing those missions, or by grinding the hell out of the event currency.
2) the legacy vender on the capital world where the pieces are bought with massive amounts of credits

So at some point they either had a PILE of credits or did some serious grinding..... The OP is complaining that they misspent their time/credits. Whose fault is that?
Wow you are a genius. Yes I spent many hours prior to this patch saving money to buy that gear set. Guess what? I was able to since it didnt cost me 60k to freaking repair any of my gear. I spent money to get the gear to use when leveling up my 2nd character I created. However now the cost of repair is sky high post 1.7.

Maybe you missed the 100+ page thread that is on the forum that has over 1k posts in it of players also saying this issue is affecting not only them but their guilds ability to raid.

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02.19.2013 , 10:06 AM | #130
Quote: Originally Posted by mothear View Post
Did you even bother reading both of Cleet's posts fully, or did you stop at the lazy bit? If so get past that and read it, as there is an awful lot of truth in what he is saying.
No there isnt at all. He thinks he is the superman of SWTOR and everyone else should be as awesome as he is and cant fathom why anyone else would demand that something that isnt right be fixed.