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PVP & PVE on ilium

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02.15.2013 , 08:12 PM | #1
HI all

most off use 50char's players have seen whats going on in ilium.

1) Ilium what pvp espected:
it turned out to be a pvp/pve mix is abit downfault for the pvper's
and a win for the pve'rs .the reason i say this is after the closeing ilium the "real" pvpers didnt get anything returned they losed a gamepart, with the event that was filedup but we got a new content/event for PVP AND PVE.

The question now can be asked what wil be left after the event passes over ,what wil there be for the pvpers who wanted a open pvp content in ilium ????

2) the event:
1ste off all , i like the event idee and have no problems with the quests and the rep farming,
they sayed in advange this event wil return in XX time and its good ,not every1 has multi 50 chars or the time
to farm everyday and it keeps the game a bit more a life for the futher.

whats bordering me is the fact how the quest are handed out.
IF we look at the EVENT it self and not the pvp improvement it shut have giveing the dailys arent equal shared.
In the 1 day you get to pickup 5 quest:
2 pvp area
2 pve area
1 HC pve area
For a pvper its not a problem to go into a pve eara and do the quests BUT look it in the other way we can see a problem pve's dont want to get flagged they cant handle the pvp fight aswel (gear.skill wise).overall speaking.
the unlocked quests can also evenly done by both pvp/pve players.

this way the pvp''s can easliy finsh more quests , farm rep faster then pve's in the a shorterday/time frame
ofc this is partly counterd by the weekly repmax.
but with the stack you can buildup if you are maxed this week like me self you have a good start next week.
if a pvp and pve player have equal gametime the pvper would have faster and more rep gatherd .because of the pvp dailys.

gear and items:
are these game breaking in way of pvp/pve fights answer : NO
is it fair in the way of gathering the items answer : NO

3)pvp fights
looking at the openpvp in ilium is there one or not ??
my answer would have been NO why , pvp is not faction but free-for-all (grp4 pl)
imp vs imp vs rep vs rep.
the pvp is based on dailys quests what are linked to the event so i can ask again what wil happen
with the pvp in ilium after event ends ??

4) what was a beter idee
( its persanol ppl can agree or not and not telling bw what to do)

1ste the upperpart north (imp basis) shut be the PVE ONLY area.
2ste the lowerpart south (rep basis) shut be the PVP ONLY area.
both with the same quest BUT linked to each other (meaning completing a quest in pvp same1 cant be completed in pve and VS )
3de middle part (contest) shut be named faction war were ppl can openpvp faction AGAINST faction.
with some real pvp quests and rewards.

flagg protection:
to make sure ppl cant or willing be flagged for pvp/pve in a area ...........while entering a area you get a warning
after X time you get a forced Unflagged or flagged char.
right now the situation is that you get a forced flagg entering a pvp zone but not around in this event and futher 1's the around version shut be done also.
This stops ppl from ganking each other in a event based for both pvp/pve players in the dif playzones.

the middle setup:can be like /.................
right now the middle has a teleport and 2 entrance on both sites (north,south). for both factions each.
to enter the middle the teleport is needed it brings you to a small saveport a base if you like BUT
this place is protected with a shield making it unpossible to BE- or attack some1 while under the shield
(spawn protection) this shield is not fixed on 1 place it strechout long the site wall's .

to leave this zone you can use the 2 entrance's on the south and north site.or instand travel ,fleetpass.
to remember south wil lead to pvp zone north to the pve zone and be unflagged.
its not possible to enter the faction zone from pvp or pve zone reason to make sure there is no entrace farming.camping.
the shield has a death timer this means : when leaving the protected area ( spawnplace ) the shield clossesup
making it unpossible to reenter for a X amount of time its a spawnplace not a saveplace like a base .

with this middle change and pvp quests it stands along from the event it self and exist after event closses.
with both playzones each player can play there own game .

so that what im thinking off to improve ilium for pvp and pve events lateron and increase abit of open/world pvp.

plz comments in a soccial way ....................

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02.15.2013 , 10:56 PM | #2
W would just like to ask, "huh?"
Arkanus Cloudsurfer

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02.16.2013 , 07:26 AM | #3
I have to say ive enjoyed the event totally, been killed at times but have killed far more. The folk moaning in general chat that its "unfair" just makes me want to slaughter folk more. "this pylon is imperial! take it if you can".
You will learn your place young one

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