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PvP Community, I need your help...

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PvP Community, I need your help...

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02.15.2013 , 02:18 PM | #1
Some of you may know, but I'm building a website for the SWTOR PvP community. I've posted some screenshots below. It's a minimalists website (that means it's very basic) but it will allow you to register your toons and create 2, 3, 4, and 8 man teams. It will also allow you to create a ladder for you server for each team playlist (2v2's 3v3's ect...) It will also allow you to challenge someone to a duel and then keep a record of it. It's a website for world rankings, if you will... as long you're a member of the site.

But I digress.. the problem is thus: If Leijae creates the rules for the playlist and brackets, then everyone must play by Leijae's rules. Who wants to do that? Not even me, Leijae. So What I need you help with is coming up with rules that we can all agree on for the following brackets:

1v1 (Duels)
2v2 (Doubles)
3v3 (Trifectas)
4v4 (Skirmishes)
8v8 (Battles)

and the website, when completed (I've tried to stick to March 1, but could be a little longer due to the Gree Event), will

Thanks for your help. - index - inquis - knight - smuggler
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