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Tank/Heals LF Guild That Raids Monday/Friday/Sunday

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Tank/Heals LF Guild That Raids Monday/Friday/Sunday

Keffeine's Avatar

02.15.2013 , 07:57 AM | #1
Hello there!

I'm a Shadow Tank/Scoundrel Heals who has played since launch (apart from a few breaks) and I'm looking for a progression guild that raids Monday, Friday and Saturday evenings, or earlier is fine too.

I like my current guild and they're lovely people, but they raid at times I absolutely can't make, and it kind of sucks watching week after week go by without getting any action.

The reason for this is that I live in Singapore, and raiding 'nights' for the western world usually translates to mornings at 10am for me, and I have classes to attend. It also means that I probably have an accent you won't get used to quickly, though I do speak English as a first language.

If you're a guild that's looking for a decently geared Tank or Healer (mostly 61's and augmented, some Rakata I haven't swapped because they give better stats) who will patiently wipe until we learn the fight, then let me know!

I'm also Keffeine or Vyve in-game, so you can drop me a mail there too