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Never Played SWTOR - Why All The Hate?

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Never Played SWTOR - Why All The Hate?

Draqsko's Avatar

03.01.2013 , 03:01 PM | #41
What I love most about this game:
1. While it encourages grouping up, it doesn't shove it down your throat like some games out there. I played Perfect World and basically every 10 levels you had to get a group to do your FB, otherwise you couldn't progress further with the storyline. Grouping up should never be required to complete the base story content of any game.

2. Space Combat, while everyone gripes about it because it's on-rails, they obviously didn't grow up in the era of arcades with on-rails shooters like I did. And there is plenty of challenge in them if you try to get every bonus mission done in them.

3. Datacron and Codex entry hunting, this I think is one of the strong points of the game, especially if you aren't familiar with Star Wars lore. It provides the backstory of the game, gives you something else to do besides just quests and grinding, and gets you out to explore the worlds. Once you start doing this, it becomes addicting, and you can appreciate the time and effort that went into designing the worlds as well as crafting the stories.

4. Story, a friend and myself do all the content together and we hit level 50 on Belsavis because of group experience gain and warzones. Once at 50 we took a couple months or so off to grind up our gear in dailies, warzones and operations. Once that was done, we would take a day or two a week to finish up the story. The story is good enough to stand on it's own without needing the impetus of level grinding. While being over-leveled does remove some of the challenges of the encounters, it does make you feel like a total ****** hero or villian.

5. Challenge, Operations, especially hard modes, are a challenge to group coordination and tactics. They are 8 man raids where everyone is important to its success, lose someone early in a fight with a combat raise on cooldown usually means not beating the enrage timers in hard mode. Beating Soa on hard mode the first time, just felt epic. Knowing we had one pylon drop left before he enraged, getting him under it and dying to the drop meanwhile yelling in mumble to burn him down while laying there dead, and watching him enrage and kill 3 others before the team finally downs him, is just one of those "YES WE DID IT!!" moments in gaming that isn't forgotten. Karagga's Palace is a bit of a let down, but every other Operation, the last boss fight always feels epic unless you are severely overgeared.

The best advice I can give to a starting player, take the game as it comes. This isn't real life, it isn't work, you don't have to complete X amount in Y amount of time. Take your time going through the content, enjoy the scenery, mix it up with warzones, flashpoints, heroics. Spend some time on the fleet chatting, make friends.

Most of the hate you read about comes from people that plow through content at a ridiculous rate and then sit there later and go.. now what.. SWTOR sucks because I got nothing to do... Are there bugs, sure. Are there some balance issues, sure. But like any MMO, SWTOR has its growing pains, and as it ages it does get better. Sometimes that involves taking a step backwards, but Bioware has done a pretty good job of at least trying to balance out everything. Their inexperience with MMOs has shown in SWTOR, but their experience in good game design also shows. While their lack of communication is sometimes maddening, again this is a symptom of inexperience in MMOs, but this is improving in recent time. But really to say the product as a whole is horrible is just wrong. It has it's strong points, it has it's weak points.

The good news is, as the game ages, the strong points are there, but the weak points start to disappear. Maybe not as fast as some like, but the game is different than it was a year ago, and will be very different when 2.0 comes out. If WoW is considered an adult, SWTOR is still a toddler, we should be patient with the game, just like you would with a toddler just because it's still got alot of growing pains to catch up to WoW.