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PVP lame again even after patch 1.7!!!

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PVP lame again even after patch 1.7!!!

Necronomicanomic's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 02:55 PM | #1
All I ever see anymore is overpowered smashers and force sweep users and sorcerers or sages using stun bubbles. I think its just ridiculous of the amount of players that use this spec. All I ever see anymore is premades running 3 smashers and 1 bubble spec, or 2 smashers and 2 bubble spec healers. You cant even touch any of them. Even in lowbie pvp these smashers hit for 4-7k in 1 hit. Well hell, that's almost 50% or over 50% of 98% of the average HP of lowbies. And Lev50 PVP its even more crazier. These players are still able to hit almost up to 9k in these ultra overpowered AOE smashes and sweeps. I'm just kinda disappointed over all of it cause I expected some kind of class changes or balancing to make the game more playable and manageable again. I guess if this doesn't get fixed or balanced sometime here in the future my sub-money will be headed towards another game.