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So No Fixes to PVP balance with OP classes in 1.7?

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So No Fixes to PVP balance with OP classes in 1.7?

Necronomicanomic's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 11:07 AM | #1
So why no fixes on any of the classes in this patch. Example the focus spec. All I ever see anymore is smasher squads running around, cant even play that much of my other 7 lev50s cause of it. You guys hear so many complaints about how these classes are so overpowered and you just sit there. Especially in lowbies, a player shouldn't be allowed to have a hit that can smash or sweep for 5-7k when 98% of players in lowbies have a hair over 10k health. And for these smashers to leap into the safe zones and smash everybody there before you can even get down to even try to play the wz is BS. You guys need to fix these issues, or Common Elder Scrolls Online Beta.

Darkallex's Avatar

02.12.2013 , 02:59 PM | #2
Hmmm.....m8 haven't you figured out yet after these 13-14 months of the game how devs work?
Ofc no fixes.Why would they bother to do them just a few months before new expansion.
And ofc customers are not idiots.Why should I bother to renew my sub,which ends tomorrow,before expansion?
I was lucky with this cause the time is ending exactly after the 1.7 patch.
Have been w8ing 2 months for some class balance (and devs had announced that there would be one even before expansion,being included in 1.7).
Have fun all with new event and bad-old Ilum.Might see ya again at expansion \m/
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