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Darth Thanaton VS Satele Shan

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Darth Thanaton VS Satele Shan

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02.14.2013 , 07:50 PM | #11
In one of the books Satele was able to create a bubble with the force around herself so she could survive in the vacuum of space, that's pretty ******
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01.06.2015 , 11:43 AM | #12
If you watch the Hope video, rewatch some of the SW:TCW fights, as well as Luke Skywalkers confrontations with his father.
To say nothing of Mace Windu's lightsaber techniques, and especially Obi Wan's fight with Darth Maul, the Jedi fight with a lot more passion and fury than they'd like us to know
In short, they are total participants at some level in using the dark side of the force.

I'm always surprised when some Sithy Fanboi assumes that they're going to get stomped by their opponent just because they're a Sith.
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01.07.2015 , 03:08 PM | #13
Thanaton's list of achievements isn't all that impressive really. Defeated his first Master, who had been enduring a lengthy period of incarceration and likely torture, he obviously was not in top form when the Dark Council set Thanaton on him. Kreesh plainly thrashed him during everyone of their fights, he pulled off a very lucky win with impaling her from behind with someone else's weapon laying about.

What happened to Darth Arctis's we don't know just that he died and Thanaton was promoted to his seat on the Council, and since we do know that Thanaton only dealt personally with matters as a last resort I doubt we can chalk this up to him outright defeating his superior.

Satele on the other hand faced a sitting member of the DC , Darth Mekhis and defeated her forcing the Darth to run for her life on Rhen Var.
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01.07.2015 , 05:46 PM | #14
Thanaton should not be underestimated, he has 40 years of experience as a Sith Lord and is a powerful figure.
He might lose, but Satele Shan is really overreated. She was no match for Malgus, and Malgus is far from as powerful as other sith. Truely, Thanaton are likely close to Malgus in power. He has a lot of knowledge about rituals and the dark side, people should not underrate what that does. Satele might win, but she'd never make it to the dark council. And Thanaton likely murdered his master, none of his servants are strong enough to kill Dark Council members... Also, the killer wouldn't murder for Thanaton, but for himself. Big difference.

But maybe Satele Shan is better than one of the "lowest" Dark Council members for this period, but she is still not a match for most of the truely powerful Sith. Angral, Malgus, the Wrath, Nox and likely a bunch of other Sith would wipe the floor with her.
Also, Malgus needs a group because of game mecanics. Nothing more, really. He might even be below our beloved Thanaton in power, for all we know. If he is, then Thanaton would obviously crush Shan under foot.

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01.07.2015 , 09:42 PM | #15
Malgus never got on the Council because he never tried or apparently wanted to, not because he wasn't as powerful or more powerful then it's members. I have to admit this is the first time I have ever heard a Sith fan denigrate Malgus's power just to try and make Satele look weak.
"What do you mean they blew up the Death Star? Who is they? What's an Aluminum Falcon?"

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01.08.2015 , 01:14 AM | #16
As far as I'm concerned the only reason Malgus had a slight advantage in the "Hope" trailer is that he stocked up on XP boosts and out-leveled Satele.

Once they both hit level cap, though, Satele wins.

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01.08.2015 , 08:52 AM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by DougTbx View Post
Malgus never got on the Council because he never tried or apparently wanted to, not because he wasn't as powerful or more powerful then it's members. I have to admit this is the first time I have ever heard a Sith fan denigrate Malgus's power just to try and make Satele look weak.
What? I never claimed that Malgus is not really powerful.
I stated that we do not KNOW for a fact that Malgus is more powerful than "the lowliest of the Council members", and we don't really know if Thanaton is the weakest. Ravage claims that he "wants to silence him"; but Thanaton claims that he'll "force him to answer to him" after he wins, so it's nothing but personal bias between two sith hating eachther.

Malgus is one of the most powerful, I did even state that she was no match for the most powerful sith, including Malgus. And it's clear that Malgus was an apprentice when they fought for the first time, so it shouldn't be used against him that Satele was "just a padawan". Malgus is clearly stronger.
I just add that while Malgus is stronger, we do not know if Satele would have a chance vs Thanaton either. He is clearly competent, and game-mechanics (group-bosses etc) are just there for the sake of the game. It's not like some petty bounty-hunter is stronger than Dark Council members...

Malgus is one of the "top dogs", however I doubt that the Jedi has anyone really powerful (in the Council, at least).
The JK's master (JC member) gets beaten by his former padawan, some pathetic dark-jedi that cannot even beat a padawan(the padawan even use a training blade, and the Dark jedi has two flesh-raiders with him)...

This is one of the "Combat-masters" of the Jedi.
Imagine seeing Darth Marr get beaten by some maniac that cannot even hold his own vs a padawan(one that has barely seen war).
Satele Shan would likely beaten to death by Thanaton. And by most other of the most "powerful" Sith lords. As stated earlier.

And I respect and even adore Malgus. I just put doubts on him being "the strongest sith ever", and I just stated that we don't KNOW for a fact that he's s stronger sith than Thanaton. Keep in mind that "everyone" hates Malgus as well, even before his "betrayal". Also, Malgus became a lord by murdering his Master. Thanaton became a Darth by using the secrets he had learned from killing a Child of the Emperor as a mere apprentice, one that had not even completed the Academy training and one who had very little training. He's a powerful figure, and one cannot doubt his power. And we can assume that he murderers his former master (DC member) himself, as he has no servants strong enough to do it for him. And it's unlikely an easy kill (Malgus murderers his defenseless master, not really an impressive kill. But he did show the Jedi Master who's boss, which we all love)

But I do guess that Malgus is stronger. But we do not know that for a fact. Thanaton is really underrated amongst most, I guess because he's "unpopular" In the Council (for being too conservative), and because he "runs away"; but does Baras even dare to face you himself in the first place as Wrath? At least Thanaton tries. And Thanaton has the unfavorable odds that you are force-walking (which he knows), while Baras is just purely too weak to fight. ALso, Baras is a diplomat and a manipulaive sith, while Thanaton is both a warrior and a ritualist. Obviously more powerful in the Force than some politician (Baras). And Baras is by some considered to be "one of the greatest", at least some on this forum claim so.

So. Maybe Thanaton would lose to Satele (But I have my doubts, if truth be told). His weakness is being too negative to modern weapons etc as he's conservative, not his strenght in the force. And I have no doubt that Malgus MIGHT beat Thanaton. But I'm stating that we don't really know this. All we know is that Malgus is stronger than Satele Shan. And that he's stronger than any other Jedi(Evidence; beats their "battlemater".
Yet we don't know how Malgus would fare against other powerful sith.
Ravage, Marr, Angral, Thanaton, Jadus etc. Nox and the Wrath as well, for that matter. Ignore the "Boss-mechanics."

The Jedi's strenght is their quanity. The Sith's strenght is their quality. Because more people become Jedi Knight's than Sith Apprentices, as more people make it through the Jedi training than the Sith Academy.

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01.09.2015 , 12:20 PM | #18
Marr bows to Shatele but would have slapped Thanaton. That says it all.

So Shatele by miles, which by the way that is telekinetic wave she used and not disturbance from what the animation looks. Judging Shatele based on her duels to Malgus is sort of unfair, as Malgus was one of the best saber masters and duelists (if not the best till his death), and although an idealist he wasn't an excellent tactician like Shatele (or Marr for that matter). Add that Shatele has the power of battle meditation and her fighting experience and then there is not even a question to be asked here. Thanaton is nowhere near.