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On "Need" loot rolls.

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02.11.2013 , 12:20 PM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by jeniyagyu View Post
I've never been kicked either, but I have seen people kick other people for next to nothing. I've seen people in SM OPS need on EVERYTHING (being a healer but needing a tank relic AND the dps relic at the same time). I was trolled by 3 guildies because I guess that is the thing to do to people.

I've seen Healers and Tanks fight over NOTHING. I've seen DPS rage and yell over running ahead and dying.

I've been playing since Jan 2012, and the good does outweigh the bad, but since F2P, and reading the forums, it seems to have become a very scary sight indeed.
My point is that I have experienced maybe 2 of your points when it commes to HM FPs but very few times then Ifcorse I can add ragequiters after first wipe for someone going into the first group of mobs by mistake or due to lag. When it commes to OPS so far I have never needed anything from there everything is crap! :P so I havent paid attention on what the nwebis are picking and I never cared but I do know noone have ever complaind. I have been hearing this about need and greed as an issue fro a long time even long befor f2p. This really have nothing to do with BW this have to do with people being jerks! Whatever one do there will alway be a jerk/idiot to do something other people will come to complain about and there are so many more things that needs to be done befor. So the complains about a useless lootsystem will only delay BW from giving us the updates we want the most bth small and big ones. I cant see why people can be so ignorant and not think about that really.

There are other lootsystems that I know about you can roll and the teamleader will give the one with the higest roll the item. I have never tried it myself atleast not beeing the one taking care of the rolling but it do look like the leader can choose to give it to someone else that could use it more and he is the one deciding who is the jerk and who is the idiot around. Ofcorse this would work as best if it was a guild run or a fair person sitting behind the leadership of the group. I think there is a third one too. People will never b happy. Im just glad to know that things are comming into SWTOR. Many updates and stuff we know will come but not when. many may have lost hope well then just take a break and come back later it will come. New lootsystems may be comming that we dont know about but just think of the guild capital ship that will come sometime in the future AWESOME!

We dont know when but it will come and still there will be many things added in between and after and as new ideas is still comming then they will never be a issue in updating the game . Yes there are bugs but hey give it few years. I dont care if it takes 5 by then it will be a new game that I will enjoy

Now I know I went out of the disscussion. but there are different complains about everything might aswell put everything I need sayed here and hope people are reading here.

Now the issue here is looting? Everyone says or few people says they run to it all the time I say I ran to it minimum times and I dont open complains about people turning a system where there is nothong wrongwith just people being jerks. Run the fp again another time I do get my BH-comms after all :P
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07.08.2014 , 08:46 PM | #32
Just do like a lot of other mmos do: if it's a piece with your class' stats, only you and others of your class can roll. I've had people roll time after time on gear that is not for their class. It's getting really old.....
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07.09.2014 , 03:31 AM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by shyninja View Post
Just a question on "need" loot rolls. Do you roll need when the loot matches your class or when it matches your class and spec? For ex. two Bounty hunters/Troopers #1 is Tank specced for the FP #2 is DPS specced for the FP. The item being rolled for is a major upgrade for both of them (Primary stats Aim & Endurance. But the secondary stats seem to be more towards the DPS. Can the Tank still roll a "need" since its an upgrade and can equip it?
If I'm on a tank (which is most of the time) and a dps piece drops that I can use for offspec I ask if I can "need" roll for my offspec gear. So far no one had any objections to that.

In cases where a dps has rolled "need" on said item, I don't even bother asking and just hit greed or pass.
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