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Outlaw/Vigilante - a fix for meaningful player combat outside of warzones

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Outlaw/Vigilante - a fix for meaningful player combat outside of warzones

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02.09.2013 , 06:31 PM | #1
For engaging "world pvp" I have 3 key points to suggest:

1. Individual player standing/ranks/competition, and rewards for both experience/valor level ups, and high rank on your server.
2. Independent of specific locations- player combat should be meaningful ANYWHERE in the world
3. Faction should not determine your enemy. let me elaborate on that some more below.

What I have in mind here is a system based on the idea of the outlaw's den. an outlaw/vigilante system will allow for great RP, inspired by the existing light/dark choice that characters already have.

the idea for this comes to me from rampant griefer behavior on my pvp server, prophecy of the 5. we already have outlaws, but no way to go vigilante and fight them. they choose outlaw behavior for purely aesthetic reason. there is no current reward for this behavior. they cannot build up a bounty/infamy level nor complete any reputation for it.

on pve servers, it won't be quite as useful without a set place in the galaxy for a structured open world conflict (see point 2) since people will need to flag to participate in incidental, anywhere combat, but some incentive in the system itself could be provided to gain experience and reward currency for completing outlaw or vigilante missions while flagged.

it could even be tied in to the new reputation mechanics that also provide new missions, perhaps.

Bottom line: I want to fight outlaw sith on my bounty hunter. it should be his born job in the galaxy. I can't do it due to the lack of world player combat system and static faction. this makes me sad

what else could bioware be doing to fix griefing without letting players take it into their own hands?


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