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Crafting skills - are they necessary?

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Crafting skills - are they necessary?

KratorOfCondor's Avatar

02.08.2013 , 09:25 PM | #11
I have all but given up on any kind of crafting. Its is such a PITA and so expensive to craft stuff. I am going to just start giving my guildies the stuff they want to make me stuff. After that I am going to start selling stuff. packs of 20 or so.

I have done 6 lvl 50 toons and never once got any kind of use out of it. I just got so frustrated that I gave up on it every time i started it.

Do you need it no not at all. I make more coin from slicing and treasure hunting than anything else so thats all I do now. I may start some underworld scavenging and sell that stuff off but that would be