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How to check latency? and FPS?

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How to check latency? and FPS?

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02.07.2013 , 09:07 AM | #1
Hi, is there a command to check the latency im having and maybe fps?

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02.07.2013 , 09:17 AM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by themfy View Post
Hi, is there a command to check the latency im having and maybe fps?
I don't know where to find my FPS either, but your latency can be found on the 'minimap' on the bottom right of the screen (barring you didn't move your UI around). Around that circular minimap are a few icons; the pvp WZ (your faction symbol), LFG tool (three stick figures icon) and what looks like cellphone bars. Hover your cursor over those bars and it will tell you your latency in ms.

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02.07.2013 , 09:20 AM | #3
left CTRL+left SHIFT+ F
and then on bottom left corner on screen you will have fps number (avg number) and color giving a hint what's bottle neck (think it was red = procesor, green = graph card)
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02.07.2013 , 09:21 AM | #4
For FPS, just press CTRL + SHIFT + F

Then look at lower left bottom of the screen.