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1.7 Class Changes (Datamined)

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1.7 Class Changes (Datamined)

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02.14.2013 , 07:54 PM | #151
In regards to the pvp on this server any other server I have been on which has been 6 since launch minus the merges nobody really does anything outstanding or next level. Excluding the couple times I went up against casual which taught me more about pvp, also honorable mention to ld-50 and uncensored and a lot of other pub guilds(republic gentlemen, bad rep, pd, and others). Imp guilds on this server are kind of like pve guilds that like to pvp it seems to include unicorn stampede. I feel the more this game goes on and excuse the reference if noone knows these guilds but it appears unicorn stampede and a lot of other imp guilds is turning more into(Ruin and fight) which were zerg guilds thats focus was more about having fun and having a couple of groups turn into competitive pve/pvpers. Ultimately, from going back and forth from server to server I seem to have the most fun on this one competitive pvp wise, I could be grouped with bads or casual gamers but I feel like I have to go more try hard on this server than any other I've been on and the average pub seems to have a better knowledge of pvp than a lot of other servers out there. Also imps seem to be increasing the pool of competitive/ better than average player.
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