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Nanu Nanu take 2

Kyatha's Avatar

02.02.2013 , 10:13 PM | #1
Take 2

Greetings. I just wanted to write a how de doo and introduce myself.

Just joined the game, I'm playing it on my Mac via Bootcamp.. so no auto run.. meh.
I'm an almost middle-aged gal.. (42 lol) and I've been a gamer for a while now, with a few inconsistent breaks in between hehe. I loved, really loved SWG, it was the best game and most enjoyable mmorpg atmosphere around, plus they had housing! I used to spend hours arranging all the furniture and pictures! I was an Image Designer and a Merchant at the same time It was awesome. Sit in a salon and wait for people to get sick of their looks and hand you money. Oh and hey btw, I can make you new clothes to go with the new do.. a million credits? kaching! Lol but by the time the great game change came around, most players were headed to Wow anyway. and Wow I gave Wow 5 years.. o.o still couldn't do any kind of effective damage lol. But now, whats the official acronym for this game? OR? SWOR? Now this game seems pretty promising and is already eating up more of my time than it should I love being a twi'lek and I'm testing my patience with the quest videos.. space

anyway, lss ( long story short ) lol looking to get into a community here. I'm definitely an rper.. and still a total newbie at this game.. and probably still wont be able to do any kind of effective damage here either..haha (Im mostly a button masher gamer) I'm hoping to maybe find an rp guild, or a guild of friendly Adult players ( no more getting in guild trouble for saying shut up in guild chat with one of the guild officer's kids playing..) please !

Insert jive hip signature and farewell here

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02.03.2013 , 10:21 PM | #2
Welcome. As you've probably realized by now, the PvPers dominate the Begeren Colony forum.

As I answered in your first thread in the Community Forum, you want to go to our RP hub here:

NastyButler's Avatar

02.04.2013 , 11:23 AM | #3
Definitely go that site listed above. It's were we RPers go!