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02.01.2013 , 07:49 PM | #1
I am trying to buy cartel coins, I keep getting an error. Not that my card isn't be accepted but it seems to be an internal error, specifically "NU2001".

I called the support hotline, waited in the queue for a bit and talked to an agent. They can't solve my problem but will transfer to the correct department. Okay cool, maybe it will get fixed? I wait on the phone for an additional 10 minutes or so them an automated voice comes on, says there is some technical difficulties with phone support and promptly hangs up on me.

A few days go by, I'm not able to purchase cartel coins still and received an email from my in-game ticket that I would have to call. So I do and literally wait in the queue for 35 minutes and finally talk to someone. They were no help at all. In fact, tried to say I need to call my bank associated with the debit card I'm using even though I've purchased cartel coins many many times previously and just days before bought a 3 month sub. no problem. The CS agent tells me I can purchase the coins though the phone BUT the department is closed and I have to contact my bank first. Awesome, just what i wanted to hear after waiting for 35 minutes.

Why can't I get a straight answer or not get the run around or hung up on? I mean I would think a sub wanting to dump more money into the game would be treated with some priority. I would just rather go without then have to call and sit in the queue for 35 minutes just to be brushed off with a generic answer that I did not buy. Good job bioware/swtor.

Update: I called my bank, they said it's on the merchant end.

AngelDarkchylde's Avatar

02.01.2013 , 08:35 PM | #2
I had this same issue for a while too. And please don't be angry with me, but you may be waiting a while for it to get fixed. They did fix it for me, I found out today I could once again get cartel coins from my own desktop and internet connection. For a little while I was taking my laptop to my parent's house and with their wireless internet was able to purchase Cartel Coins. I had also previously phoned to see if it was possible my account was flagged for something resulting in my in-ability to get the Cartel Coins, to which it hadn't. So I proceeded to email them saying I could buy CC using a my laptop and a different internet connection. So they are working on it, though it's not exactly the ut-most top priority. I don't think it's that they're ignoring the issue, they just (like all work places) have their own list of priority.