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Lightning vs Madness DPS

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02.10.2013 , 03:20 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Quantemoq View Post
i asked a couple of people (including me) that are all full elite warhero to dps a dumyy for 5 min in each spec.
every single one did less single target damage on lighting then on madness. (in hybrid madness with lighting baragge they were slightly higher then full madness though)
Lightning, played optimally, should parse slightly higher on a dummy. It is the hardest spec to play to its full potential, however, so if the people who are testing it are not familiar and experienced with the spec, they will have a hard time getting the most out of it. That said, lightning is a trash spec for PvP because you will get interrupted constantly.

Also worth mentioning that dummy parses really aren't great for comparing specs because they don't simulate the movement or mechanics of either PvE or PvP. You can use dummy parses to optimize your gearing and stats, but if you want to determine which spec works best for you, your best bet is to try each of them and compare your parses on actual ops fights or your experience in warzones.

Lightning is the least mobile of the specs, so the dropoff between a dummy parse and an actual boss fight will be the most severe. This is mitigated somewhat by knowing the mechanics of the fights really well and properly positioning yourself to minimize downtime. But between the lack of mobility and the complicated nature of the rotation and proc tracking, lightning has the highest margin for error. Most of the top Sorc and Sage parses I have seen either use a full balance/madness build or the hybrid. The hybrid is probably the easiest to play because the rotation is extremely simple and easy to master. I do slightly better in full Madness in most fights. I find Madness outperforms the other specs even more on multiple boss encounters like Toth and Zorn or Stormcaller and Firebrand because of the ability to DOT multiple targets with both Affliction and Creeping Terror (and hitting both with Death Field if your timing is right).