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Xenotech chest piece drop location

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02.06.2013 , 11:35 AM | #11
I have never seen a Xenotech piece drop in HM FP, Exotech does drop though.

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02.07.2013 , 11:40 AM | #12
Savrak (second boss LI) on story mode drops different xenotech chest's last time i checked.
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02.07.2013 , 12:17 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Jayshames View Post
It'll be pretty difficult to get one for an IA since there's never usually IA's in a group besides healer and the odd Sniper. I wish the best of luck to you.
Maybe on your server, but my guild is absolutely stuffed with agents. My "main" is a lethality sniper DPS, and we've been known to run guild ops with 4 or 5 snipers and operatives in a group of 8.

To confirm, I saw the identical Xenotech Enforcer's chestpiece drop at the end of SM False Emperor for me last week. You wouldn't be able to solo this on an operative - Malgus needs two knockbacks to get thrown off the bridge - but you could certainly 2-man it with a sniper friend for a guaranteed drop.
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02.07.2013 , 12:25 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Akiva_IC View Post
I've tried researching this, but Im coming up with a lot of conflicting info. It appears, that since 1.3, Xenotech gear will drop in the level 50 story mode flashpoints. My primary toons haven't been running those for a *long* time, but I'm grinding away on an operative healer now and am very interested in the Xenotech chest piece (Field medic - just for the look of it.

Can anyone confirm that Xenotech chest will drop on something OTHER than KP SM and, if so, where? Location for the equivalent legs would be nice as well. Tor-loot doesn't appear to have updated since 1.2, so I dont think that has the correct info.

I have been trying to get the same chest piece for a while now. My guild is mostly republic so we normally don't have enough people to run KP.

I can confirm that Xenotech chest pieces drop from Severin, the final boss in Battle of Ilum (SM). I've only ever seen the Bounty Hunter chest piece as every time I run it solo or with only another agent, the Xenotech Field Medic's/Field Tech's/Enforcer's head piece drops. I took a BH friend who was helping me out through two back-to-back runs and the Xenotech Eliminator's Chestguard dropped both times. FML.

I'm going to try SM LI tonight.

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02.08.2013 , 06:51 AM | #15
I got my Xenotech Weaponmaster`s Chest from KP sm, but it drops form LI sm also. Pants i got from KP sm and Kaon Under Siege sm, last boss. Gloves, boots and helment from Directive 7 sm, FE sm and Foundry sm (although i dunno which from where).
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