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Female robes. Ugh.

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01.31.2013 , 01:31 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Texaboose View Post
Didn't you know? Chainmail bikinis give extra protection!
This is known as the PDF (or 'Passive Defense Factor'), not to be confused with the computer document acronym of the same name.

Ironically, they often do provide extra protection, depending on the type of inserts. And next to the rather humdrum burkas that many people must wear, it's not difficult to see why they are often a garment of choice.

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01.31.2013 , 01:35 PM | #12
Female Armor. Because, sometimes, the best armor is no armor at all.

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01.31.2013 , 01:37 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Toravisu View Post
Could we please get actual robes and not a belly dancers outfit when females are wearing them?
And while we're at it, can we also please get a bunch of short skirts and 7-inch stiletto heeled thigh high boots as well? Those long robes are really starting to bore me, need more variation!
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01.31.2013 , 02:29 PM | #14
This is pretty funny, SWTOR has the least amount of sexy armor of ANY MMO, yet you still have people complaining about the FEW outfits that show a females midriff.... wow unbelievable
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02.01.2013 , 01:03 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Monoth View Post
This is pretty funny, SWTOR has the least amount of sexy armor of ANY MMO, yet you still have people complaining about the FEW outfits that show a females midriff.... wow unbelievable
Read the discussion thread(s) again.
It is not complaining about the armour that exist. It is complaining about the armour and clothing that does not exist.
For female characters the choice is: "would you like this nun's habit in brown or red?"," Oops I have misplaced half the fabric of my top", or "I would wear less but the censors insist on these pasties" styles. For the male characters the choice is either "can't show any skin or the other guys will make fun of me" or -one- option for "I'm too sexy for my shirt, aka I'm sure I can pull off this look just as good as Hugh Jackman (cue eye roll)"
We would simply like to see a few more intermediary styles for men, a few more that women think look sexy on them, and a few more intermediary styles on women and especially styles that -women- think look sexy on them (as opposed to what man think looks sexy on women)
So, you don't have to worry. Nobody is going to take away the bikini outfit that you may feel a strong urge to dress your female companions in.

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02.01.2013 , 07:43 PM | #16

Girl is a walking sexual harassment statistic. How can any Padawan study with her parading around the Temple !?

Not that I mind.

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02.01.2013 , 08:24 PM | #17
I loved this chest piece . It's not sexy, but it doesn't make me look like a monk. Unfortunately it wasn't moddable, so I stick with the dancer chest until I get a similar moddable version

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02.01.2013 , 08:33 PM | #18
Agreed. More awesome looking choices are needed for both males and females.

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02.01.2013 , 08:52 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by JediMB View Post
We could use a toggle that lets us switch between the full chest piece and the tank top version.

Alongside that hood toggle people have been asking for since the game was released, if not longer.
Hey, it's not like Dark Age of Camelot was released with a /hood toggle. Back in 2001. 12 gotdamn years ago.

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02.01.2013 , 09:51 PM | #20
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicKat View Post
Nuns have a much better sense of color and style.

Jedi clothing in general has been designed with five simple goals in mind....

1) It must cover every square inch from neck to toes.
2) It must be brown or a shade of brown.
3) It must be highly flammable.
4) It must completely restrict movement.
5) It must make a metal bikini look practical and plausible in comparison.

If anything The Old Republic Jedi should be WAY more diverse in everything. They already have all the different crystal colours and crazy Force abilities that we'd never seen before (looking at the movies I-VI anyway). So the wardrobe choices should be equally as diverse.

Just look at the Sith... they have some really "out there" looks for their gear (tree roots sticking out of body parts and Ginsu knives sticking out of their shoulders). The Jedi are way behind and if it's not "traditional" then why give us crazy colour crystals? Just give us blue and green and be done.

Back to sexy outfits... I really like the Ancient Arden't Blade's Vest (, which is delicate and deadly at the same time and strength-based for Knights and Warriors, but they put some Trooper-style backpack with antennae sticking out of it for some reason. Completely doesn't go with the outfit and makes no sense at all. There's also a few different colour variations of this but they all have the Trooper junk on the back.
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