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Social Booster doesn't work

Mallonee's Avatar

01.29.2013 , 09:48 AM | #1
EDIT: This was already resolved for me by someone, so just ignore it

I suppose this is better suited here.

I recently used a Social Point Booster item from the Cartel Market to try and hurry with my social levels, however it doesn't seem to actually work. I did an Esseles Social Run and got 168 social points and was a little confused, because I thought that was about what I normally got. Well my suspicions were confirmed when I ran The Red Reaper in which there was only 1 opportunity for social points. It told me then that my selection got me 8 SP, but when the flashpoint was over I only got 4.

This is pretty frustrating, considering this is an item that costs real money, and yet it's not even working properly and would like a reply to this soon, please.
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