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Crafting Missions Need Pass (Abundant Rich Bountiful etc)

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Crafting Missions Need Pass (Abundant Rich Bountiful etc)

pooks's Avatar

01.27.2013 , 06:06 PM | #1
Slicing grade 6 missions you always get 2 abundant slicing ones, 1 abundant lock box, then 1 Moderate each of the slicing component and lock box.

Bioanalysis grade 6 you don't have a crafting component. You have to use grade 5 to get the Thermo Flux which is available as a rich, bountiful etc.

Archaeology grade 6 cortosis substrate you never ever get an aubundant mission. This crafting material should be a grade 5 mission to be able to get rich and bountiful missions.

Underworld metal missions grade 6 - rarely get an abundant. Why do I have such trouble getting a grade 6 abundant where the slicers get 3 every time? I have to go in and out of my ship on the fleet to try and reset the interface to just get 1 abundant UW metal mission.
Why does the system think I want all grade 6 UW missions to be companion gifts?

I really hope they take a look at the missions and the availablity of quality of missions and the crafting mat missions and payouts.
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01.27.2013 , 09:41 PM | #2
it is the way it is, so as to not flood the market. you have to make crafting at least a little bit difficult, else everyone will complain it's too easy.

some of us have 6+ crafters. we don't complain. we got tons of materials. Cortosis and Thermoflux are easy to get when you have 3 archeology guys and 3 scavenging guys. /shrug
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