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my toons que as dps but are bugged into tank or heals

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my toons que as dps but are bugged into tank or heals

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01.27.2013 , 03:25 AM | #1
i've got 2 different toons. a pyrotech dps and a concealment operative dps. i que as dps, i am positive i only clicked dps as i'm borderline OCD and check the click boxes dozens of time. the que finally pops and says dps. when i zone in and assemble with group i'm the healer or tank.

instead of more crap on the cartel market why not fix bugs?

how many cartel coins to get put into the right role that i que for? i'll happily pay coins for that; or at least cartel market a trinket that prevents the lockout for dropping group since i only dropped because 3 dps in a group without a healer or tank wont work. gg
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