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Warzone Quitters

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01.27.2013 , 03:45 PM | #21
Had one last night where a fail premade from a top guild on pot5 left because other side got a breakaway on voidstar through first two doors very quickly. Somehow we held at final door despite 8v4, then we got a breakaway of our own with pug backfillers (the second or third group, I might add, bc several got back filled and immediately quit). If that premade hadn't quit, probably wouldn't have won.
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01.27.2013 , 04:08 PM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by Inat_mivea View Post
First, I immediately quit every huttball WZ b/c I simply cant stand it. Plus I'm not good at it so why bring others down?
If I was one of your teammates, I would not hold this against you, provided you left immediately upon zoning in, before Baron Deathmark says "Let's play Huttball!"

After the game has started, I don't leave, even if my team has a few roaring idiots in it, and I think very un-charitable thoughts about people who leave others in the lurch like that, most especially the poor soul who pops in on a backfill. I will also not hold it against a backfiller who pops in, sees the hopeless situation some schloob quitter has dropped him into, and immediately hits the Exit option. If anyone's been set up to get hosed by someone else, it's him. I can't quite bring myself to condemn them for leaving.

I hate Alderaan Civil War in the same vein you despise Huttball. At least with Novare Coast, which is similar, you can make initial allowances for other people's Stupid Quotient (four going East, four going south, for example - you can say "What the **** are you people doing?"), but there is simply no way to know with CW's outset. Other people's opinions are irrelevant to me when set next to a potential blood pressure headache. So when I see the CW loading screen, I prepare to drop immediately upon entry. That lets a replacement pop in before the match starts. And I don't see this as being at all unreasonable.

Second, I too am driven nuts by quitters that quit after the match has begun. I believe there should be a penalty associated with quitting (not disocnnecting) after a match has started. I was in an alderaan match that b/c of stupidity, imps took all three turrets. Three repubs immediatly quit and then for the rest of the match, people kept connecting and immediately disconnecting after seeing the score.
The point here being after the match has begun. There is a slight grace period beforehand where they have the ability to leave - and hey, more power to them. If they hate something that badly, happy trails. I always drop if I get backfilled into a CW as well, because chances are I won't be getting dropped into a winning side, so I don't even bother looking to see. I just go. Sure, I might have been dropped into a winning team, but the odds are against it, and better safe than sorry.

... which leads me to my next pet peeve. Objective sitters who regardless of score, just sit collecting points instead of actually trying to do more.
I have to at least partially disagree with you here. Partially because I too find it annoying, but I couldn't hold it against people for doing it. If the score means you need all three turrets to win, and there's simply no chance to make that happen because the enemy has the score to win unless you do, providing free kills for the opposition strikes me as counterproductive. If you're on the winning side, and can win simply by holding one pylon and run out the clock, again, providing free kills for the enemy isn't something I view as containing much in the way of wisdom. This conflict was also something that made it so I just don't want to bother. So I've made it so I don't have to deal with it.

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01.27.2013 , 05:49 PM | #23
The point here being after the match has begun. There is a slight grace period beforehand where they have the ability to leave - and hey, more power to them. If they hate something that badly, happy trails
Yes, as soon as I see the arena on the splash screen, I'm already to leave as soon as I can click the 'leave warzone' button

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01.27.2013 , 05:51 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by EenVooral View Post
Something has got to be done about people quitting warzones. Today alone I've been either pulled into warzones that were 1/2 way over or on teams where we had 5 people quit because they didn't want a loss. If people leave because of DC'ing, that's one thing...but there are WAY TOO MANY wussies who don't wanna loss and quit, thereby screwing their team and the person that gets pulled in to replace them. It's getting very old!

If this keeps up I will start a thread to start posting their damn names. I currently have 10 toons that all pvp, and it's getting much worse. Please Bioware, institute a 30 minute penalty or something on these's just going to keep getting worse.
I just don't want to play with you. You are bad, you get capped on, you provide nothing to your team other that being a sub par meat shield.

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01.27.2013 , 08:27 PM | #25
unless they add premade matching quitters should not be punished.

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01.27.2013 , 09:16 PM | #26
On our server if we jump into a WZ an we head out to the destination an we see familiar guild names on the otherside an we realize their premade ops Ranked WZ and know that instantly we stand no chance of success, because were not in a voice chat and working in succesion were all random solo que's and most will quit the WZ I've been in a NC where we started with 8 players an ended with 2 of us left game didn't fillup in time an matched ended in the 30 second period.
It's no fun to be raked over the coals by Premade 8 man ops groups an no sense in queing up until BW fixxes it an if this makes us whiners and baby's then so be it, were here to have fun not get steaming mad.
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01.27.2013 , 10:24 PM | #27
They should just end warzones when too many people on one side quit. That's how it used to be and then nobody really complained, except the people that whined that people were leveling up too quick in PVP or getting too many comms or something.

I hate people like that, why are you so concerned with what other people are doing or how fast they're progressing? It happens at most jobs too, someone always makes a big deal about people taking breaks or something else. Rather than whining and then getting it screwed up for everyone, these people really need to either do these things themselves or ignore it.

So as usual Biofail listens to the whiniest, most vocal, and clueless people (who probably don't even play this game anymore) and just keeps the warzones going. So people quit, more people zone in, they quit too and instead of temporarily annoying 3-5 or so people, you're now annoying 16-18 people.

RWZ sure if one side quits you keep the match going until it ends. But normal warzones, especially PUGs vs premades? That's absurd, just end the match. We don't force a guy in boxing to keep getting up and punched in the face until time is over, we just call the match because it's so stupid to keep going when it's obvious one side is overmatched. Heck in real war too, it's been tens of hundreds of years since we actively killed every single person on an opposing side especially every battle. People have been retreating from battle and agreeing to ceasefires since the dawn of time. I don't know why this backwards game thinks everyone needs to be punished.