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Make companions interactive on player's ship

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Make companions interactive on player's ship

MurQueL's Avatar

01.24.2013 , 12:17 PM | #1
This is probably a minor thing but it's been bugging me since launch, and it seems like something that wouldn't be too complicated to do. I'm no programmer, but it seems like all the pieces are there...

It's annoying when you're in your ship and you have gifts, for example, and want to use them on a specific companion. You have to load out of the ship, gift, load back in. Same goes for if you want to tweak your comps' gear.
It'd be nice to just be able to click on a comp on your ship and that's the one that you've selected, so say you open your gear tab and that comp you've selected will be the one that shows...
Would even give a teensy, weeeeeensy bit more interaction and purpose to your "comp statues" while on ship.