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Crafting 27 Grade items on Dalborra

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Crafting 27 Grade items on Dalborra

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01.13.2013 , 07:13 PM | #1
Now as we all know sometimes it's hard to find what person to craft you the items that are needed for progression raiding now with the Official Dalborra crafters list you can locate that person and get what you need.

Most crafters that do this service charge fees for tips other words this is for their time now some people have a different method of fee's this must be respected. Also just for fun I made a list containing the pricing of all high end mats + 27 grade gear from the 3 top servers from each region 1. Dalborra for Asia 2. Harbinger for the US 3. The Red Eclipse the euro zone now this list is updated every so many days it just gives you an idea how much things go for else where.

This seems to be the Standard Dalborra tip rates: Armorings/Barrels/Hilts 150k Mods/Enhancements 80k

Dalborra Official list
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