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Ashara storyline

teufelsst's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 09:13 AM | #1
I'm having a hard time figuring out how to complete Ashara's storyline. Her affection is almost maxxed out and I've been level 50 for ages. Anyone know of any way to trigger her storyine continuance?

_Darkstar's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 09:18 AM | #2
I assume you are finished the class storyline?
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teufelsst's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 11:37 AM | #3
Yes, I finished the main storyline so I'm just doing dailies and flashpoints now. Wanted to finish all my companion storylines but just can't seem to figure out where they trigger their continuance or how much affection I need for them. I have a warrior alt that's only level 41 and Jaesa's storyline is already complete so I'm a bit confused.....

teufelsst's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 11:42 AM | #4
Just read something about companions having to be above 9k affection before they'll complete so I guess I'd better check to make sure.

bright_ephemera's Avatar

01.09.2013 , 12:51 PM | #5
According to, Ashara's final conversation triggers at 9375 affection.
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01.10.2013 , 11:44 PM | #6
Rather than post anew I rather ask it here while in the subject of Ashara. I wanted to Romance her and got to the conversation where all the [Flirt] prompts show up and i took them all except for the last one since it seemed a little dark.
My question is: Did I just shoot down the whole romance tree with her?
Cause ever since that convo and now four convos l8r I have not seen ANY [Flirt] prompts reappear with her. Hopefully someone can clarify or help. >.<
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