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Trade System Error

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01.04.2013 , 11:05 AM | #1
I recently submitted a ticket to the effect of "I was trying to trade [insert player name] my skill armoring 27 for the relevant crafting materials and a generous 100k tip. When the trade completed, the system bugged and we received a 'trade system error' message (I have a screen shot if needed) and the loss of all of the items. As a crafter, I didn't want my client to feel cheated, so I provided them a second Skill Armoring 27 so they wouldn't have to be without the item due to the system bugging."

After a week (which I personally think is unreasonable turnaround, but may be an industry standard) I found my ticket closed with the response "We've corrected the issue with the other player, please contact them." No, this had me rather incensed as of the 2 of us, I was the only one actually lacking any of the items from the trade. I was further irritated upon contacting this player to learn that NOTHING had been said/done for them either.

I submitted another ticket, explaining the issue again, much like this and requested a CSR to contact me directly. After nearly another week, I did receive a response and was able to chat directly with a CSR in game. I was then informed that this is a known bug (which was not listed on the known in-game issue list, nor something individual people can actually control as BOTH players had the possibility to cause it) which has supposedly been fixed (not that I've tested it) and they cannot/will not reimburse any of my items as there is no record of it.

Now, I like to think I'm a reasonable person, I even waited several days so that I would be calm when writing this, but this completely baffled me. Not only did both myself and the other player (who I had never spoken to before that day) submit tickets documenting the issue (which has me out ~4 million credits worth of materials and armorings), but I have a screen shot documenting the error as well as the time it occurred so that logs could be checked if needed. I'm writing this here to find out if this is TRULY the policy of EA/Bioware's customer support (ie: your items were lost to a bug we hadn't fixed, but even though it is our fault that you are inconvenienced we will not be reimbursing you any items) and is there really no way for a CS agent to check the logs to confirm/deny claims like mine?

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01.08.2013 , 02:02 PM | #2
Just to update this. I had the EXACT same bug occur yesterday AFTER having been told that it was fixed by a CS agent. I'm now out an additional 2 armorings (this time might armoring 27). Sure, one could say this is my fault for making the same mistake twice, but honestly, it was supposedly fixed so I wasn't paying attention to it.

I've submitted another ticket about this in game, but have yet to be contacted about it.