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Response time on ticket...

AstralPhoenix's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 11:54 AM | #1
Hi - I logged an in-game ticket four days ago and haven't heard an iota from anyone in regards to it. I understand it's the holiday season and all - but even a simple "We are looking into it" reply would suffice.

May I suggest that when flicking through "Cartel Purchases" on Legacy unlocks that you give an advisory prompt when Cartel Coins are not actually an option? I'm not talking about small red text that's barely readable before you click, I'm talking an actual "Are you sure you want to spend XYZ" prompt beforehand.

I ended up "purchasing" the Legacy Fleet Cooldown of 1 hour when I was under the assumption, like most of the other Cartel Unlocks in that area, that it would be purchasble with Coins rather than Credits. I don't feel my 100 000 credit loss justifies the purchase at all, and would like it reversed please.