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[Artifice] Making credits with Artifice?

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[Artifice] Making credits with Artifice?

paratroopc's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 08:33 PM | #11
I have a bunch of alts and friends making alts so I send my companions out to pick up stuff all the time on my artifice. I end up picking up some of the purple mats on the way and it is not to hard to put up 4 level 31-39 purple quality crystals and make 20k a piece. Thats not a lot of money but it is steady and keeps my friends up to date as well. 27-43ish purple does ok on the market for enhancements. The money is steady like I said but you won't make millions if that is your goal.
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01.03.2013 , 09:36 PM | #12
Just sold 6 blue +9 power crystals this morning for 30k to 40k each, you can make money but for cyber and art it is all about the low lever gear. for syth, armor, arms yeah no one seems to be buying the lower augments at least none that I am putting up blue or purple on shadowlands.