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Companions that you did not want to take.(possible spoilers)

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Companions that you did not want to take.(possible spoilers)

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02.06.2013 , 02:55 PM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by AhsokaTanorules View Post
Another thing is I have observed that most people who play Empire always like to make DS choices and it is rare that you encounter Empire players who make LS choices. In fact most Empire players I talk to irl claim that if they ever played a Jedi even they would always make DS choices. Therefore I thought anyone playing Empire would gravitate to someone like Skadge who probably is the most evil and despicable companion in this game.

Another side note are the people who complain about Gungans and Ewoks in the movie chapters. I figured Skadge would be a refreshing change to the usual cartoony cast you find in Star wars features.
Not that sure about that really. I have 4 imp characters and I think my SI made it to DS1 once but they mostly end up pretty grey given the daft LS/DS point allocation on Imp shared quests. It's also worth separating calculated DS like Quinn and Lokin who are pretty rational about the whole thing really from stupid evil (Kaliyo, Skadge, DS Jaesa, Thana Vesh).

I would argue Skadge is actually kinda cartoony he's the guy tying helpless damsels on train tracks for no apparent reason. Quinn, Ashara and Dr. Lokin I found quite refreshing though as they get actual character development and or display a brain (I'm ignoring the Quinncident for the purposes of this post sadly).