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My life as Hale Lightmight

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12.21.2012 , 01:01 PM | #1
Hi everyone! Today I'm starting a new series that I'm calling My life as Hale Lightmight. To be honest, that's not my real name. but for the sake of this blog everyone is just going to call me Hale. I'm a boy and I just recently started high school. and I hate it there. But I want to started at the begining, when I started being a Star Wars fan.
It happened when I was in fifth grade. I had just moved there, so I didn't know ANYONE. I hated that school, in fact, I still do. but that was also my first year I had to rid the bus to school. There was a kid that rode. wait hold on, before i get into that, let me tell you that every one on that bus always brought a toy with them, so kids would trade, some would brag abput how cool there toy was. OKAY contiuing. so I never really liked star wars before, never heard of it, really. but that one kid had a litlle action figure, and it was a droid with multiple eyes, and a pin/ dome head. and I had no Idea what it was, but I wanted it. so i started talking to him, and i finally got him to crack.
He said he would give that to me, if i gave him a transformer i had gotten eariler in the month, from mcdonalds, so i wasn't that worried.( oh yeah by the way, the action figure was a clone wars IG- 86 figure.) so I told him i would bring the transformer on the bus the next day. BLAH BLAH BLAH, SKIP A FEW WEEKS OF MY LIFE. turns out that that kids dad wasn't very happy about his son, trading off his IG- 86 to a kid who wanted NOTHING to do with him.
But, being the nice fellow i am, i gave it back. ( although, i'm not sure if i ever got MY transformer back from the kid)
That day I told my mom that i HAD TO HAVE one of these action figures. but she told me to wait for my birthday to see what i got. so my birth day came, and I guess that my mother couldn't find that action figure, because instead of an IG -86, i got a 30 dollar gift card to Walmart. (which i was still okay with.)
So my mother took me to the store, and some how i knew what the figure was by then, and i knew it was a star wars toy, because that was the place i was headed.
30 bucks was enough for three action figures, so my very first star wars toys ever was general grievous, obi wan kenobi, and (of course) an IG- 86 action figure. (btw these are all clone wars figures.)
So that was how my life in star wars started, with a kid on the bus.
Tell me what you guys think, if you'd like to hear more, if you hated it and though it was a waste of your time, tell me.
I wanna know

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12.21.2012 , 01:40 PM | #2
I think what you're doing is cool. To each his own... A bit of advice if I may. Don't put out to much personal information in your blog.
Bose Relic

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12.21.2012 , 09:11 PM | #3
do you think that was to much personal information?
I tried to keep it vague