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Best force class?

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12.10.2012 , 10:25 AM | #1
All of my toons tote guns and blow away anyone they see. I've got a lvl 36 trooper, lvl 24 BH and a lvl 16 IA. My trooper kind of got stalled as I skipped too many side missions and I'm now two levels below the planet I'm on so I'm getting my *** kicked constantly. So I rolled the BH and IA to see which was more interesting and have found the BH more interesting so far. I'm thinking of rolling a Force user, but can't decide which of the four is better. I'd probably do straight DPS as I don't claim to have enough experience to tank or heal. Also, I'd want a companion I could get along with. Nothing worse than wanting to go light or dark side and having an initial companion who penalizes you for it.

All of my toons so far have been pretty light side except for the IA who is dark sideish, but I can't bring myself to do horrible things like kill someone in cold blood while they beg for their life. I wouldn't mind a dark side oriented toon as long as the story isn't too dark. Which force using class would you all recommend? Or would I be better off fixing my trooper or leveling my BH or IA?

Edit: I should also add that I'm interested in PVE, not PVP.
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12.10.2012 , 01:49 PM | #2
I have played all 4 of the force using AC's, although I haven't taken a shadow/assassin farther than L25ish, and they all have their ups and downs. I found the jedi knight/sith warrior to be the most fun from the start - you get to leap into combat, fire off flashy attacks and then beat things down with a light saber. The guardian/juggernaut is probably the simplest one to play of the 2 and offers a tanking option - but the sentinel/marauder is considered one of the best DPS class in the game. I don't like them as much as the gaurdian/jugg because they have an extra resource to manage and while these classes are the easiest to start out with, the get pretty complicated later in the game as there are a lot of powers that you have to track.

On the other hand, while the SI/Consular starts out a little slow the sorcerer/sage is a pretty powerful and effective leveling class that can do decent DPS or healing. I find them the easiest healers to run as the bubble, instant casting hot and best AoE heal in the game make healing as a sorc/sage pretty simple. The assasin/shadow starts out even slower than the sorc/sage but is probably considered the best tank in the game and can put out nasty DPS - so it is a viable melee option but the class really doesn't start to take off and feel unique until at least the mid 20's.

As for companions the sith warrior starts out with Vette, a DPS companion who likes mostly lightside choices but I have had good luck getting approval for her on my darkside juggernaut - the trick is to pick the snarky darkside options and avoid anything that enslaves folks or approves of slavery - she likes snark and hates slavery. Your second companion, Malavi Quinn, is healer and is not really dark or light side so much as he is pro-empire all the way - which can be tricky for a lightsider since pro-empire choices are more often dark.

The SI starts out with Khem Val, who I consider to be the best melee tank companion in the game, but he is also firmly darkside, although you can work around it somewhat he takes some huge hits for lightside choices. If you are playing a sorcerer he is perfect companion whether you are running in healing or DPS spec. You don't get your second comp until late and you don't get a healer until nearly the end of chapter 2, on hoth, which makes it a tougher run for an assassin.

The jedi knight has a similar problem to the assasin - they start out with a tank (T7) right off and get a melee DPS on coruscant but don't get a healer until after balmorra, so you do a lot of kill or be killed early on. All the jedi knight companions are pretty light sided until you hit sgt rusk and lord scourge.

The consular starting companion, Qyzen Fess, is almost a clone of khem val - but not quite as cool. He is great for a sage though and since they get a healer companion at the end of Nar Shadda the shadow has it pretty easy as well. The consular companions are not strictly lightside or darkside though - Qyzen likes bravery and honerable kills whether they are light or dark and Tharan Cedrax, the healer, dislikes jedi mysticism but is generally lightside and likes to help people, etc.

In summary if you want an easy start and smooth ride go with either the sith maurader (for melee focus) or the sorcerer/sage for a ranged force class. If you want somewhat more of a challenge that will pay off in the higher levels, go with an assasin or shadow. Since you said you prefer to stick with DPS I would recommend the Maurader over the juggernaut.

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12.10.2012 , 02:27 PM | #3
Of the four, which story is the best?
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12.10.2012 , 02:42 PM | #4
In my opinion, Sith Warrior.

Generally, many people will either say Warrior or Knight. Both have a good crew as well, though again, I prefer the Warrior's.

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12.10.2012 , 03:08 PM | #5
I liked the SW, JK and SI stories about equally, didn't care for the JC story much though. The JK story is KotoR 3 really - super heroic, save the galaxy. The JC story is more about being a healer and diplomat. Both the sith stories are about accumulating power, although I haven't quite finished chapter 1 on SW story so not a good judge about that.

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12.11.2012 , 07:54 AM | #6
Based on your description, the JC story has the most appeal to me. I like the idea of being a healer/diplomat more than the idea of being a warrior who obliterates any enemies who gets in his way for the good of the Republic/Empire. Rolled one last night just before going to bed. Only at level 4, but so far I'm liking the idea of having a character who can both melee and do ranged attacks. One of the limitations of the gun carrying classes I've been playing is their melee options are kind of limited. My level 36 trooper can use a plasma cannon, hit people with his gun or knock them back. That's about it for close ranged attacks. From a distance, he's much more powerful.

I'm still looking for a main toon really. I seem to play guys through chapter 1, then give up and roll another toon. I really should stop that. I've got the trooper, I've got a BH w/1.5 planets left to go in chapter 1 and I just rolled an IA as well.
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12.13.2012 , 06:42 AM | #7
The best force user is the Smuggler.

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