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Disable Buffs?

Bawsko's Avatar

12.07.2012 , 07:48 PM | #1
I'm playing an Operative healer and I was wondering if there is a way to disable seeing party buffs over raid frames and party frames. There is no reason for me to see them.

Conversely I would love to know how to pump up the size of debuffs. Are these options in a place I overlooked in both the UI customization tool or the UI preferences options?

Draloch's Avatar

12.07.2012 , 11:57 PM | #2
Healing operations is frustrating now if you're used to the usability from World of Warcraft.

You cannot filter buffs, so you unfortunately just have to get used to seeing those 4 1 hour buffs on every character. Also, there's a limit to how many buffs can be shown at a time (8 or 10 I think), and the 4 1 hour buffs seem to take priority. Frustrating, but hopefully they'll fix it in the future.

Noticing debuffs can also be a problem. For fights where that is critical (there are a few), I've more or less been able to fix the problem by going into the interface editor and resizing my raid frames. I make my action bars smaller than normal so they take less of my screen, move the health bars and cast bars so that they are as bunched as possible, but still usable. Then I make my raid frames pretty big, so that it's easier to see debuffs that pop up. Then I save that UI profile as it's own file (all part of the interface editor) and name it "ops healing." It's not the most usable setup when you're doing an easy hard mode flashpoint or dailies or just running around, but it's very handy when you're doing a boss fight in an ops group. It's pretty easy to open up the editor and swap between your different saved profiles on the fly.

Also (not part of the interface editor menu), you can turn on and off ops frames by clicking (maybe right clicking) an icon at the very top of your raid frames. If you turn off your raid frames, you still see all the information you need, you just can't move people around in groups on there if you're the raid leader any more without turning your raid frames back on. It's helpful as a healer to have your raid frames turned off.

Hopefully that's helpful.