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PVP Glitch?

random_kick's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 09:45 PM | #1
I posted this over on the Customer Service forums, but I figured I'd post it here too. I've got video of a pretty significant glitch in warzones. Weird stuff starts to happen at about 0:53. Please excuse the music, I usually have it on when I'm PVP'ing

Cliffs: I push a sage, while someone on my team pulls her, the result is some pretty glitchy teleporting.

Has anyone seen this themselves?
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DrewFromPhilly's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 09:53 PM | #2
The "lying on the ground and teleporting along instead of running" thing?

Yep, all the time. It's a glitch.

Veniras's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 11:29 PM | #3
Yep, it's a glitch.

The person is not aware of it, as they are running normally on their screen.