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How hard would it be to play just the class story?

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How hard would it be to play just the class story?

Davenmor's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 01:59 PM | #21
So my strategy has been to strictly organise what sidemissions i do with every character.

As i love doing some warzones and flashpoints here and there it was/is possible for me to do only:

1. Class Missions
2. around 25% of all sidequests, heroics and planetquests for every character of one side.
-if you manage it well you will be able to only do 1/4 of the quests with each char and never have to repeat the sidequests. (in fact i only did repeat sidequests if i realy liked them the first time)
3. I do all flashpoints once with each char
4. I do around 2 warzones for each level
5. If i am too much behind i do some spacemissions (fun and gives loads of xp)

What i did as well is, that for my third and fourth character i switched the games language from english to german (my native tongue) so this added some new and interesting element as well.

All in all i would say that it is not too difficult to have a fun experiance with all 4 characters of one side... The most important thing is though that you should not expect to have a great time with every char if you can not restrict yourself from doing all quests

TUXs's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:29 PM | #22
Just leveled my Vanguard without doing any side quests. Class + PvP + a few space missions is all I did. No XP boosts used for quests, but I did take the XP boost for PvP and Space.
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