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Companions 101: Vette

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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11.29.2012 , 04:56 PM | #31
I thought this was pretty humorous. When you're in Grathan's estate, and you choose to "befriend" his wife (trying to make good word choices, here!), his wife asks if you're going to ask your companion to leave so they can be more friendly(ahem). The Warrior can choose to say something along the lines of "Vette never leaves my side." And I just laaauuughed and laughed, 'cuz Vette says something like, "You've GOT to be kidding me."

Pretty humorous, in a dark sort of way.

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11.29.2012 , 05:01 PM | #32
I would like Jaesa to be the next companion

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11.29.2012 , 05:23 PM | #33
I have a female Twi'lek Marauder with the Sith style markings with red skin , and the same on Vette. Wearing the adaptive Elegant lounge wear armor, wish it came in black. A bit strange being Sith wearing white armor. Looks like two Darth Talon style sisters tearing up the galaxy. My female Chiss Juggernaut uses Quinn, great healer decked in recruit pvp combat medic gear.
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11.29.2012 , 06:36 PM | #34
I play mostly Pub characters, but I recently rolled a Sith Warrior, and it's quite amusing. Threatening to slaughter and cannibalize a group of thugs, and then playing it off as a figure of speech makes me feel like maybe Vette's attitude is rubbing off on my Juggernaut a bit.
Aric Jorgan for next featured companion!
Quote: Originally Posted by MichelleArcher View Post
Hey there, all! This thread has passed the dreaded 1,000 post limit, and is now in fire. Thanks for the fun, but we feel this discussion as run its course. We will not be restarting this thread.
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11.29.2012 , 10:51 PM | #35
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalerace View Post
Since the next companion 101 will be a republic one, I would like to see Elara Dorne.
/Agree with that
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11.30.2012 , 01:16 AM | #36
I like Vette because it is an optimistic character, say what's on her mind, and her replies are funny.
Next companion who want to be is Elara Dorne.
I don't like Quinn Malave, even if it have a prrety face, is the weakest healer character of all companion that are healers.
P.S. I gave the collar from the Vette neck down when we entered in the first cantina that is on the imperial fleet because I don't wanted to treat her like a slave, but as a reliable companion that helps me, even though I have10k DS.
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11.30.2012 , 01:17 AM | #37
Unfortunately I don't really have any favorite companion moments. I have to stop leveling all my characters when I meet an interesting companion while we wait to see if SGRA's will ever make it into the game.

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11.30.2012 , 01:56 AM | #38
Absolutely love vette and glad this story was about her.

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11.30.2012 , 03:33 AM | #39
Quote: Originally Posted by Kalerace View Post
Since the next companion 101 will be a republic one, I would like to see Elara Dorne.
Me Too! Elara has been my vote for "next" since they started these.

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11.30.2012 , 10:29 AM | #40
I've got a Warrior, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter, Trooper and Smuggler and Vette is my favorite companion character so far. "If I die I'm going to haunt you." lol She's just like Mission Vao from KOTOR, I even used to give Mission 2 blasters just like Vette has.
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