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Imperial Fleet Geologist Pajro

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Imperial Fleet Geologist Pajro

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11.27.2012 , 06:34 PM | #1
Imperial Fleet Geologist Pajro, where is this guy? Has he been removed/ moved?
I 'm looking for the pink crystals lvl15, heard they are buyable at I mperial Fleet but cannot find them and any info seems way outta date.

OwenP's Avatar

11.27.2012 , 10:23 PM | #2
As far as I'm aware that vendor was removed after he was no longer being used, though he might be one of the characters standing around that you can't click on until the next special event.
He's no good to me dead

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11.27.2012 , 11:10 PM | #3

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11.28.2012 , 11:35 AM | #4
The Geologist vendor was only in the game for a few weeks just prior to 1.2 getting released. They are no longer in the game and haven't been for many months now.
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11.28.2012 , 04:39 PM | #5
Where are ppl getting the pink lightsaber crystals usable at level 11 or 15 , I saw in general chat (lol yeah reliable sources) that they are available at Imperial Fleet for @50k after some dude was trying to sell 2 of them for 150k each.
So if its not the Geologist where do I get one of these cryatals?
How much is it going to cost?
Is there a crit crystal -again usable at level 11 or 15 or what ever it was, as I have only seen ppl trying to sell the endurance one?

Oggthebase's Avatar

11.28.2012 , 05:39 PM | #6
these cristals are from the cartel market. The pink purple are random from the packs, so if you're lucky you may get one in your first pack, or you may never find one after 100 packs...

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11.28.2012 , 07:18 PM | #7
ok thanks