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Best way to get into lvl 50 pvp

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Best way to get into lvl 50 pvp

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11.23.2012 , 02:44 AM | #1
I just got my dps merc up to level 50. I know, this is a bad choice in general for pvp, but it's the class I really wanted. I have the free set of armor when you turn 50, but I don't really know where to go from here. When I did pvp earlier I was usually around high/mid in rankings in the end, but now I'm usually in the bottom of the ranking. How do I start about getting better gear, and just better at pvp in general? Is it best to work with my guild, go solo, what armor should I be looking at next etc.

I guess basically I'm asking how should I begin getting better?

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11.23.2012 , 03:49 AM | #2

it was a while ago since i leveled my merc, but on the bounty hunter forum/merc u can find complete guides on gearing, rotations etc. Think some are stickied, but go thru some posts it sure helps. Also i find it very helpfull to check youtube vids on other good mercenaries, i have seen some very good ones and how they use los etc. How knows, in march maybe merc get some nice buffs and suddenly become fotm : )

Best regards

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11.23.2012 , 08:55 AM | #3
Assuming you're Arsenal rather than Pyro:

Stay with the group, but not in the middle fo the action. You're squishy and will get gutted if caught alone, but neither do you want competent melee in your face, they'll also gut you. If you stand off (not too near others, to avoid smashes) and pick targets you'll do better. Standing near something you can run behind to block line of sight from opponents trying to kill you is good.

When you pick a target, stack the tracer missiles then burst with Explosive Dart, Heatseeker and Rail Shot. It should do a nice chunk of damage and could kill a low health target. I use Explosive Dart a lot, especially when I'm about to die - nice to sting them even after you're dead.

Fusion missile does more damage than you might think if you drop it in a group, as everyone nearby gets the Radiation Burns dot - though be careful as that will wreck mezzes if your team try to use them. Death from Above is a bit weak, but can do a fair amount pf damage to a group, and is useful dropped on nodes to stop caps. Sweeping Blasters is good for stopping caps, especially when you can't see the capper as you don't need lto target the character to damage him, it's in a circle on the ground.

Stealth scan - use it a lot. Try to guess where the stealther might be lurking and drop it. You can also pop them out of stealth with damage from AoE attacks (Sweeping Blasters again).

Use your shield when you're taking damage, or if you think you might.

Warzones are more fun playing wtih friends, and usually more effective too. Solo can be fun too.

Gear: lots of your damage is decreed by your main weapon, that should be a priority. You can buy the War Hero version direct with ranked WZ comms now, you don't need to get a BM version first any more. Other than that, buy the BM stuff and augment it for gear you will replace with War Hero when you earn the comms. Relics, implantss and earpiece I think you can buy the WH version direct too, so not much point getting the BM first.

Also be aware that BM is being retired in the next patch. When that is isn't sure. I'd still get the BM armour and trade up to WH.

Make sure to have wz medpacks on a hot key, same for Throw Huttball.

Hope that's brief useful and not too misleading, I only have a merc alt so I'm a bit of a noob at it. You could try the merc forum.
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