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SWTOR should add a galaxy wide Regicide game mode

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SWTOR should add a galaxy wide Regicide game mode

Piratekinq's Avatar

11.22.2012 , 12:45 AM | #1
So on each server the top 10 PVP players for the whole server on each side (repub and empire) get a massive bounty put on their heads. Who ever kills them in open world pvp gets a reward. Those top 10 players would be like roaming world bosses and if you are a lvl 50 Bounty Hunter or a Smuggler you get an automatic notification telling you when a Top 10'er is on your planet. They should even have Hk-51 be the one that notifies you seeing as he's an assassin droid. For being a top 10'er those players should get some sort of bonus like bonus valor or commendations or something but only if you are flagged for pvp.

Bioware...make it so.

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11.22.2012 , 04:37 AM | #2
Would be a good idea, shame that Open world pvp is crap
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